See My Baby Bump Week By Week & Read My Weekly Pregnancy diary

April 1, 2012

Are You Pregnant? Take A Look At My Baby Bump Week By Week

Are you pregnant and looking for a baby bump week by week? Take a look at my baby bump, week by week!

When I was pregnant, all I wanted to do was compare my baby bump with other baby bumps at the same stage, and read weekly pregnancy updates that matched the stage I was at.

Weekly baby bump - 18 week pregnancy bump

I wanted to pull together my weekly pregnancy diary from my first pregnancy, with my baby bump week by week and my weekly pregnancy diary.

See My Weekly Baby Bump Update:

Here is my regular pregnancy photo diary when I was expecting my first child,  and my pregnancy bump by week:

Baby bump week by week and Weekly pregnancy diary - a week-by-week guide to pregnancy, all the symptoms and signs when you're expecting with bump shots and a detailed diary

Here’s My Weekly Pregnancy Diary

Here is my weekly pregnancy diary, covering everything from week 15 to the baby arriving. I talked about pregnancy symptoms, emotions, body changes, antenatal appointments, maternity clothes and everything related to being pregnant.

Weekly Pregnancy Updates: First And Second Trimester

Here are all my pregnancy updates from the first and second trimester.

Weekly Pregnancy updates – The Third Trimester

Here are all my pregnancy updates from the third trimester.

Pregnancy, Birth and Baby Updates:

Here are my pregnancy updates from the 4th trimester, my birth story and one month update.

Weekly pregnancy updates, week-by-week from the first trimester, second trimester and third trimester - what to expect when you're expecting a baby!

And here’s all the posts from my second pregnancy and what they don’t tell you in NCT classes

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