My quest for the perfect maternity jeans

September 12, 2014

The best maternity jeans from Mothercare

Perfect maternity jeans - boyfriend fit

Maternity jeans are like fairy tales, if you think about it. You have to kiss a lot of frogs (try on / buy a lot of pairs) before you find your prince (the ever-elusive pair that looks great, stays up and is comfortable).

But I think I might have finally found mine, and they’re not from where I would have expected…

Once past hairband stage, I prefer maternity jeans to be as fitted as possible to even out a bump-tastic top half. Last time, I bought a couple of pairs which were all disappointingly awful (not nearly skinny enough, went baggy really quickly, constantly fell down) before finding a pair I loved from H&M.

But this time? The spell had worn off. They just didn’t fit right or feel like ‘the one’ any more. I was tempted by something different. I ummed and ahhed over several different pairs. I ended up buying none of them.

But when Mothercare sent me a pair of the Blooming Marvellous maternity boyfriend jeans to try out, it was love at first sight.

What’s so great about them?
* They are over-bump jeans with a waistband that’s fits really well, so there’s no need to constantly hitch them up as you walk anywhere
* Style-wise, they are a casual boyfriend design but are still pretty fitted
* Did I mention the fit? I find it really hard to buy jeans, but these are brilliant
* They are über comfortable
* The waistband is stitched inside the jeans, which means you can easily remove it for post-baby wear
* And the price? They cost a really reasonable £30
* My husband doesn’t really ‘get’ them, so they must be good

Despite having clothes, pyjamas and toys for Eliza from Mothercare – and being huge fans of the Little Bird  range – I’d never really thought to shop there for maternity clothes.

But I was so impressed with the jeans – and another dress I was sent I’ll be wearing in an upcoming weekly post – that I also bought a stripy top and a pair of maternity jeggings that also really, really fit and don’t go baggy. My husband doesn’t ‘get’ the t-shirt either (so again, it must be good).

So thank you Mothercare! My quest for the perfect maternity jeans is now over.


  • Suzie

    September 15, 2014 at 10:54 am

    I loved mothercare maternity stuff although never tried their jeans. I found sainsburys jeggings we’re amazing. They are thick so look and feel like skinny jeans but super stretchy elasticated waist that I used to fold down once so it was comfortably below the bump. I was sad when no longer pregnant and therefore not able to wear them anymore as I got very attached to them! Should probably buy some in my normal size – I needed a size up when pregnant.

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