Very Early Signs Of Pregnancy 1 Week: Read This For 14 Pregnancy Symptoms Week 1

December 1, 2021

If You Think You Might Be Pregnant, Read The Very Early Signs Of Pregnancy Week 1

Here Are 14 Very Early Signs Of Pregnancy At 1 Week, And All The Pregnancy Symptoms At Week 1:

If you think you might be pregnant, or have been trying for a baby, then you are probably looking for the very early signs of pregnancy week 1. I know I was!

When we were TTC (trying to conceive) I spent a lot of time reading up on what the very early signs of pregnancy could be, and about pregnancy symptoms at week 1.

I was desperate to know what the earliest signs of pregnancy could possibly be, the signs even before I missed a period. And the early signs of pregnancy BEFORE I took a test.

Early signs of pregnancy week 1 - early signs of pregnancy before missed period

So two babies later, here are 14 pregnancy symptoms week 1, the very early signs of pregnancy and pregnancy symptoms at week 1.

Early Signs Of Pregnancy Before A Missed Period

Pregnancy is actually calculated from the first day of your last period, so technically you are not pregnant at 1 week.

However, people generally consider 1 week of pregnancy to be before or around the time your period is due.

And like me, you’re probably keen to find out very early sign of pregnancy before a missed period.

How soon can you get symptoms of pregnancy?

Lots of pregnancy symptoms, like morning sickness, don’t kick in until around week 6 of pregnancy, which is a couple of weeks after your period is due.

My Pregnancy Symptoms Week 1

Looking back at both my pregnancies I’ve had quite clear early pregnancy symptoms in week 1, before a missed period. For example implantation bleeding and insomnia in early pregnancy were very clear signs!

Read more about my first pregnancy and second pregnancy here.

So here were my early signs of pregnancy before missed period and my early pregnancy symptoms. Warning, some of these are fairly TMI.

If you’re concerned about anything, speak to your doctor.

very early pregnancy signs week 1

14 Very Early Signs Of Pregnancy Week 1 – Implantation Bleeding, Pregnancy Insomnia And Sore Breasts

Pregnancy Week 1 – Implantation Bleeding:

One of the very early signs of pregnancy week 1 was implantation bleeding, which is a mild bleed at the point of the foetus implanting in your womb.

Not everyone experiences this, but I did both times.

It took the form of light spotting, or discharge with blood in it. This happened at around 9-10 days PO (post ovulation).

Some people can also feel the implantation happening (I didn’t!)

Increased Cervical Mucus In Early Pregnancy:

One of the very early signs of pregnancy, or pregnancy symptoms week 1 is discharge, or changes in your cervical mucus. If, like me, you had fertility problems then you may have tracked the consistency of your cervical mucus in your quest to get pregnant.

It’s a useful way of natural fertility tracking as you can use it to tell when you are ovulating as the consistency changes. If conception hasn’t occurred, cervical mucus usually dries after ovulation and before your period is due.

But if you are pregnant then cervical mucus will increase if you’re pregnant, in the days after conception occurs.

Sore Boobs In Early Pregnancy

Changes to your breasts are definitely a very early pregnancy symptom in week 1.

It was one of the earliest changes for me.

My boobs felt very sore and much bigger than usual. They felt like period boobs, but more painful.

I felt this before my missed period and it was one of the early signs of pregnancy before a missed period.

Early Pregnancy: Raised Body Temperature:

You can chart your body temperature through your cycle, and it’s another way of keeping track of ovulation and pregnancy.

If you are not pregnant your body temperature will dip before your period, then rise again on the day it starts. If you are pregnant then it will stay high with no dip.

I feel noticeably hotter in very early pregnancy at week 1.

Early Pregnancy Insomnia And Disturbed Sleep

Both pregnancies, I had insomnia in early pregnancy. I had trouble going to sleep and staying asleep. I would wake up at around 4am and be unable to go back to sleep – which looking back was a clear pregnancy sign.

At the time I thought I was stressed, but having trouble sleeping in early pregnancy was definitely an early pregnancy sign at week 1.

Vivid Dreams In Early Pregnancy:

I had really strong and vivid dreams through both pregnancies that started straight away.

These were a big clue second time round and I suspected I was pregnant before I took the test.

Pregnancy dreams are insane! They are so tangible, and you wake up feeling exhausted and like they were actually real.

Early Pregnancy Nausea

Although full-on morning sickness doesn’t develop for a while till around week 6. I thought something was up in very early pregnancy when I felt very nauseous and sick.

And early pregnancy sign for me was feeling like I had mild hangover, without the drinking.


One of my first signs of pregnancy was feeling dizzy. I felt very faint, dizzy and light headed, especially when walking or exercising.

Feeling Really Thirsty

Again, another very early pregnancy sign in week 1 for me was being really thirsty all the time.

Feeling Really Emotional In Early Pregnancy:

If you’re crying at something that’s not emotional, feeling really angry and upset, this could be an early pregnancy symptom in week 1.

It was for me.

Heightened Sense Of Smell:

One of the big clues that I was pregnant, in terms of pregnancy symptoms week 1, was a senstive sense of smell.

I knew my husband was eating crisps despite me being in a completely different room.

Public transport and most of London smelled awful.

I knew something was up, was I pregnant? A sensitive sense of smell was definitely a pregnancy symptom from week 1.

If you’re in London, here’s how to get a baby on board badge.

Going Off Coffee And Tea

Although I normally drink a lot of tea, I didn’t want to drink it at all. It tasted weird and the very idea of it made me feel weird. Definitely a very early pregnancy sign in week 1.

Going Off Alcohol

I definitely didn’t want wine – what was that all about?

Going off alcohol was one of my very early signs of pregnancy 1 week.

Feeling Odd:

I just felt odd. I knew something was going on. It turns out that yes, this was a pregnancy symptom in week 1. I was pregnant.

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