Pregnancy weeks 38 and 39: bring on the baby

January 27, 2012

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Being 38 and 39 weeks pregnant has consisted mainly of:

  • Buying the final few Baby C bits and pieces – at this point it’s random things like more sheets, pram toys and bibs – and attempting to finish off the baby bunting we are making for the room
  • Cooking lots of food for the freezer (*ahem* this was the original plan, but instead we are now stocking up with lots of things from Cook, with more food on the way down this weekend with my Mum)
  • Meeting up with our NCT group; there are only two babies left to come out now, including mine, eek
  • Nesting, ordering and tidying, mixed in with a more-than-healthy dose of sofa and pregnancy-appropriate trashy TV
  • And sleep…

At my visit to the midwife yesterday I had the aforementioned sweep, and I have to say that this wasn’t painful at all – and was pretty much as comfortable as it can be when someone waves their fingers between your membranes.

I had been convinced that I’d still be so unfavourable for labour that they’d be unable to do anything, but apparently my cervix was already quite soft – woohoo – and the midwife seemed really positive about what it could potentially bring on. Then, at various stages throughout the day I felt very sick, with backache and regular cramps, and then this morning me and my mate the mucus plug amicably parted ways – all seemed to be pointing in a baby-shaped direction. However everything seems to have stopped now; the only thing still happening is my incessant Googling of ‘pre-labour symptoms’ (what did people do before Google?). Annoying.

39 weeks pregnant bump shot39 weeks pregnant baby bump photo

But never fear, sweep #2 is booked in for Sunday, and then if nothing happens the plan is still for induction on Tuesday (I’m happy with this, it’s just I’d rather things kicked off naturally). Everyone keeps telling me to enjoy the time pre-baby with just the two of us and I honestly am; it’s just good to know that at the very least there is a start to the end point on the horizon.

Anyway! In a bid to start things up again I’m off to take a long walk up and down some stairs to buy some pineapple…fingers crossed. Can anyone recommend any natural labour-inducing methods that actually work?


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