Pregnancy week 21: a horrible start, and a slightly better end

October 1, 2011

I’ve recently come to love Tuesday mornings. They mean it won’t be Monday morning for seven days, it’s one day closer to the weekend, and they are also the start of my next pregnancy week (which means among other things that all my pregnancy iPhone apps refresh, so the bus journey into work is a fraction more interesting).

However, this Tuesday morning saw a slight deviation to the planned schedule, with a call to NHS Direct, an emergency Doctors appointment and a quick trip up to the Maternal Assessment Unit at Kings after ringing my husband at work to come and meet me…as soon as possible.

The hospital midwives were all lovely, especially the one who kept taking me aside to ask me ‘confidential’ questions in a loud theatrical whisper – midwife: ‘Have your waters broken?’ Me: ‘No….not sure I’d be sitting her quietly if they had!’ I felt 100 x better after hearing Baby C’s heartbeat; although to say I was slightly stressed and anxious up to that point was a slight understatement, especially due to my risk factors and only being a week into the unchartered territory of Clexane injections (a worrying part was when the doctor at my local surgery sent me off to Kings ‘”just for your peace of mind” then went slightly pale when I said I’d get the train, and called me a taxi instead).

Needless to say all was fine in the end, and after a wait in a corridor, tests and monitoring they concluded that it was unexplained but common, and I was sent home to rest. All’s been OK since then, which was confirmed by the 22 week scan this week.

Anyway the week had a slightly better end when our friend Laura came to visit with Henry, her lovely four year old. We took him to the Crystal Palace park to see the dinosaurs then to the swings. It was a lot of fun to play with him, although slightly odd to think though, as Alex said, that soon there will be one we won’t be handing back!


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