Pregnancy week 28: baby, one more time

November 16, 2011

Rainbow cushionBaby coathangers from IkeaH&M babygro with animals





This week served up a double helping of Crawshaw Jnr sightings; the scheduled 28 week scan, and an unplanned second viewing at my hospital clinic appointment.

My very un-sexy thyroid problem can cause issues with growth – hence the extra planned scan – but the good news was everything was fine and the baby weighed in a healthy 2.9 lbs (which would explain my sudden bump). And just to be on the safe side, we asked the sonographer to check the sex again. She protested that we were suggesting her colleagues could have got it wrong, but indulged us anyway and luckily enough, it’s as we were told originally.

No surprises there then, but the next day I had a hospital check-up and the consultant decided to use the portable scanner instead of the foetal doppler to check on the heartbeat. In a 180 degree change to the position of previous scans, it turns out Baby C was breech. Alex and I have joked that the baby is likely to be uncooperative and stubborn, so this sounded about right. Fingers crossed for turning then!

We were also very spoiled with a visit from Alex’s mum and dad *waves to Granny G and Grandad K*. We had a lovely weekend involving Ikea – hence the coathangers – eating, and Saturday snoozes. Alex’s mum has already knitted us so many amazing baby clothes, and she’s now working on a bespoke pair of stripey trousers, which look brilliant. She also made us lots of cakes, biscuits and some lemon curd for me to put on my toast at work…yum.

So a pretty good week all round; the scans were just amazing, and it’s so nice to see the little person that’s been kicking away inside me…I can’t wait for me and everyone else to meet them soon.


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