Pregnancy Week 24: Reaching Viability

October 22, 2011

Pregnancy Week 24: Reaching Vitability

Here are five of the noteworthy things that happened during pregnancy week 24, my 24th week of being pregnant:

Pregnancy, 25 weeks pregnant - everything I had no idea about life before babies

  • It was a week of more medical appointments: midwife, haematology and dentist. All was fine with the baby and my blood, thyroid levels and teeth – so I thought at this point I had a couple of weeks off doctors surgeries and hospitals, and wouldn’t have to go back to any until November
  • The consultant I met this week also answered two of my biggest questions at the moment. One, that there’s no reason at this point that I have to have a c-section, and two, that there are ways around my blood-thinning injections meaning I can have an epidural if I want (as you can’t have one within 12 hours of taking clexane due to the risk of spinal bleeds…ever-so-slightly terrifying).
  • It was also a week of kicks (the good sort; in the stomach, not the teeth!). The baby stepped up a notch in power, which meant Alex finally felt it for the first time – amazing – as did the midwife at my appointment, when the baby attempted to kick off the heart-rate doppler

A Pregnancy Photoshoot

  • I went on a photo shoot for the Pregnancy & Birth magazine feature I’ll be in, talking about being a first-time mum-to-be and blogger. Read more here. The feature is due out in the mid-November issue, so stay turned for the full article in a couple of weeks

Week 24 Means Viability…

  • And saving the best till last…week 24 is the viability stage, which means Baby C now has a chance of living outside the womb with medical assistance. Although it sounds horribly clinical when you put it like that, to have reached this point safely is brilliant, fantastic, and really reassuring

Although week 25 was just hiding just around the corner, to make me worry once more….


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