Pregnancy weeks 32 & 33: brought to you with the letter C

December 18, 2011

Baby bump photo at 33 weeksAccording to the 32 week scan, Baby C is on the small side but has long legs. Hey there, flamingo baby! All was also fine at subsequent check-ups with midwife, blood and thyroid clinics. At the moment there’s thankfully no reason to suggest anything other than a normal delivery, although the midwife very gently told me that ‘due to your medical problems, my dear, I think it’s safest for you to give birth in the hospital.’ This was very sweet of her, but considering the amount of time I’ve already spent there, I never considered there would be an alternative.

I now feel enormously pregnant, as everyone keeps telling me (thanks, guys!). I’m also so, so tired and achey; getting up is such a struggle, as is staying awake all day. Luckily though, I finish work tomorrow for Christmas which segues neatly into maternity leave proper in January. I cannot wait – bring on Christmas, nesting and naps on tap…pre-baby, of course.

Cupcake on plate with fork

Yesterday was my birthday, hence the cake. It did feel slightly strange not to be out consuming copious amounts of fizzy wine, but me and Alex spent a perfect pregnant person’s weekend of lazing around, eating and watching films. My presents included an amazing Pacapod baby change bag from my very clever husband and baby, and my parents sent me a lovely maternity dress (my mum’s a magician – I’ve been trying and failing to find one I liked for ages).

Christmas tree on the busLast week we saw Coldplay at the O2, in the style of doing things pre-baby, and it’s probably the last gig we’ll see in a while. The baby loved it, judging by the kicks to my ribs. You can see photos over on Alex’s blog. And – after a trip to retrieve it – our Christmas tree is up, lights are on everywhere, and London has the pre-holiday excitement (which quickly descends into drunkenness and misery). Next week have a visit from Alex’s mum and dad, and then we’ll be heading down to my parents’ house in Bournemouth for festive food and walks by the sea.

And finally, huge congrats to Fritha and Cathy – fellow pregnant-people in the Pregnancy & Birth magazine feature – who both had their lovely babies last week. I have to say that although they were both about six weeks ahead of me and I’m trying not to wish any time away, hearing their news did make me really impatient for ours!


  • Maria @verybusymama

    December 27, 2011 at 4:36 pm

    Happy Birthday! I remember for my 30th I was preggers and trying to get everything ready for Christmas and do all the pre-baby things too. And you look stunning! So good to know everything is going well. I am now subscribed to your blog (how I wasn’t before I don’t know!) My guess is for the 16th of January…that is Little M’s birthday 🙂

  • gillian

    December 29, 2011 at 10:02 pm

    Hello, and thank you 🙂 It’s a bit hectic trying to fit everything into such a short timespan, isn’t it?! Was Little M on time or late? I have no idea what to expect, but would be more than happy with the 16th though! x

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