Nicknames For Hazel: 61 Of The Best Hazel Nicknames

December 4, 2023

On The Lookout For Nicknames For Hazel? Read This Post For The Best Hazel Nicknames

Read This Post For 61+ Of The Best Hazel Nicknames

If you love the name Hazel, you might be looking for the best nicknames for Hazel. Read this post for 61 of the best Hazel nicknames, the Hazel meaning and middle names for Hazel.

Hazel is a classic botanical name, and if you want a Hazel nickname to use every day, here’s our name list including cute and funny nicknames for Hazel.

Wondering what does the name Hazel mean? We also look at the Hazel name meaning, what names go with Hazel and how popular the name Hazel is in the US.

What Does The Name Hazel Mean? The Hazel Name Meaning

First, some background on the Hazel meaning.

The name Hazel is of Old English origins, and the name Hazel meaning is hazelnut tree – after the tree. Hazel as an eye colour tends to be a rich mix of green, brown and gold.

How Popular Is Hazel As A Name?

middle names for Hazel

How popular is Hazel as a name? Is Hazel a rare name?

Yes, Hazel is a previously rare name that is becoming more popular. In the US Hazel is currently the 27th most popular name for girls in America.

Famous People Named Hazel

If you’re looking for famous people named Hazel, try one of these:

Hazel Court, actress

Hazel Dean, singer

Need Middle Names For Hazel?

What names go with Hazel?

If you are looking for middle names for Hazel, a short name would work well so read our list of 150 one syllable girl names.

Alternatively, you could also try a flower name.

Or try a rare girl’s name or old lady name.

61 Nick names For The Name Hazel

funny nickname for Hazel

Here are 61+ nicknames for the name Hazel to help you find your perfect Hazel nickname:

  1. Hazel
  2. Haze
  3. Hazey
  4. Hazie
  5. Hazy
  6. Hay
  7. Haysey
  8. Haysie
  9. Hays
  10. Haz
  11. Haza
  12. Hazza
  13. Hazelle
  14. Hazell
  15. Hellie
  16. Helly
  17. Hely
  18. Helie
  19. Helley
  20. Heley
  21. Zel
  22. Zell
  23. Zels
  24. Zells
  25. Zely
  26. Zelly
  27. Zeli
  28. Zelli
  29. Zele
  30. Zelle
  31. Zelie
  32. Zellie
  33. Zella
  34. Az
  35. Azz
  36. Azi
  37. Asi
  38. Azie
  39. Asie
  40. Azel
  41. Hal
  42. Hall
  43. Halle
  44. Hally
  45. Hallie
  46. Halie
  47. Hi
  48. Hayzel
  49. Heyzel
  50. Hey
  51. Heyhey
  52. Heys
  53. Hazo
  54. Hazen

Funny Nicknames For Hazel

Here are cute nicknames for Hazel and funny nicknames for Hazel:

  1. Miss H
  2. Hazelnuts
  3. Nutmeg
  4. Nuts
  5. Nutty
  6. Witch Hazel
  7. Lavender Haze
  8. Bazel

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