Pregnancy week 31: a snapshot from last weekend

December 10, 2011

Nick in the Paxton Pun, Gipsy HillPie at The Paxton Pub in Gipsy Hill






View of London skyline from Crystal Palace

Glider chair from John Lewis







My friend Nick came to stay, for the day: it was very lovely to see him, and hi Nick! We spent a large portion of our 20’s having lots of fun getting drunk in random places around the city, but how things change; that day neither of us was drinking (me, for obvious reasons, and him because he was driving)

Food at The Paxton: we went to the recently re-opened pub nearest to our house

The view over London from the park: I love this view, not least because like most people in London I’m fascinated by The Shard (don’t you think it looks like a Christmas tree at night now it’s all lit up?)

New chair: we had a lot of Baby C related deliveries last weekend, including the pram and car seat, which is making everything a bit more real…exciting. We also had a very lovely Christmas / Birthday present from Alex’s parents – thank you so much! – which was a glider chair (officially for when the baby comes, but we now have to take turns to sit in it as we both love it in equal amounts)



  • Nick

    December 10, 2011 at 4:55 pm

    All I remember doing with you in our 20s was discussing literature and going to poetry recitals. Am sure nothing stronger than a cup of tea passed either of our lips! (How you dare!)

    Was fun to see you though 🙂 xx

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