Pregnancy week 37: full term

January 19, 2012

Turbine hall at the Tate ModernTurbine hall at the Tate ModernTurbine hall at the Tate Modern


Full term, baby; I think I’ve mentioned before about pregnancy seeming like one tiny milestone after the other, and obviously this is a big one. Although with three more weeks left to go it’s not quite time just yet…

Baby-wise, there’s really not much more room in my womb, and the Mini C has resorted to making Mexican waves across the top of my rib cage to get my attention. I keep reminding myself and the Maxi C that technically there could be an appearance at any time; this doesn’t seem very feasible at the moment though, as I have to say that, very boringly, I don’t feel much different from the last couple of weeks.

Non baby-wise, this week consisted of lots of catching up with lots of lovely people, including a walk along the Southbank, lunch and a quick trip to the Tate. We also had an NCT evening gathering where everyone met the first two babies born to members of our group. It’s lucky I’m already pregnant, as they both made me very broody. Plus they were lovely and amazingly well behaved. We were all in awe.

I also had a midwife visit, where she booked my induction in for my due date – 31st Jan – and said that they would also do a sweep at my next visit in week 39 (unfortunately, this is nothing to do with the puppet). At this point it really does seem like I’ve been pregnant forever and I can’t imagine being not. I even think I will miss it, if that’s not too weird – although I’m sure I’m going to have my hands full and no time to dwell on it before too long.


  • Helen Spencer

    January 20, 2012 at 12:02 pm

    You won’t miss it, you’ll be way too busy!
    Keep tracking every step of the journey, every week, every year, it will amaze you when you look back, the things you have forgotten! – family stories past and present

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