Pregnancy week 16: heartbeat

August 27, 2011

Crystal Palace TV mast in the sunPregnancy week 16…This week was my first midwife appointment at our local doctor’s surgery, as my booking-in appointment had been at Kings. I got to listen to the heartbeat, and Baby C was amazingly co-operative – unlike at the 12 week scan, when he/she was fidgety up until the test which required him/her to move – and the midwife found it at the first try.

The midwife was completely lovely, although boringly wouldn’t make any gender predictions from the speed of the heartbeat. And to my untrained ear it sounded nothing like trains or horses. Looks like we’ll have to wait till the 22 week scan to find out if it’s a boy or girl, and if I’m right or wrong.

In other, non baby-related news it was also briefly sunny this week (hence the photo for posterity, to record this rare and fleeting moment).


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