We’re MAD Blog Award finalists! Nine reasons to vote for us…

June 4, 2015

I interrupt these ongoing baby rambles to bring you the news that…we are finalists in the 2015 MAD Blog Awards in the best pregnancy blog category.

Gill and Flo

Cue crazy faces and baby-faced selfies. I’m completely thrilled and amazed; the biggest of thank yous to everyone who nominated us. My blog is a labour of love and it means so much, especially as there’s so many brilliant blogs in the list and so many nominations were made. The voting in the finals is now open and it’s probably not a massive surprise that I would love your vote in the best pregnancy blog category.

But why? I just wanted to put together a quick recap of all things pregnancy, for if you’re new to my blog, or if you’re even slightly as baby brained as me. So here’s nine things about pregnancy and having A Baby on Board…

1) Pregnancy is a time of such wonderful weirdness. Second-time-round I tried to capture everything from my 12 week pregnancy announcement through to birth and beyond (here’s a  full recap of my weekly baby two and pregnancy posts)

2) It’s a roller coaster of emotions and oh baby, I had them all. Everything from the utter joy and amazement of the positive test and wonder of the first kicks and scans, through to transport and cake-induced rage and a healthy dose of second-baby denial. And all the bumps along the way

3) And, of course, there were the cravings – brie, prosecco, cold beer outside a Soho pub, anyone? – and the crazy nesting impulses that made me de-wallpaper our house and have my husband assemble the cot at 10pm

4) But the thing with pregnancy is there is so much that people don’t mention. Leg cramps, intense dreams, and that thing that happens to your bellybutton. So I wrote about the things no-one ever tells you about pregnancy, and the things no-one ever tells you about the third trimester (such a glamorous time, isn’t it?)

5) I also wrote about my various medical complications, worry at being high riskgrowth scares, birth choices and birth plans. Also, some tips for entertaining toddlers in hospital waiting rooms…

6) Speaking of toddlers…here’s how we told Eliza the news of her impending big sisterdom and all of our pre-baby plans

7) And speaking of speaking, why is it people somehow totally lose all sense when talking to you? Here’s what NOT to say to a pregnant woman (I’m still holding a grudge against you, tactless lady in the bank)

8) Some quick tips and pregnancy life hacks. For everyone who uses public transport, how to get a baby on board badge. My quest for the perfect maternity jeans and picking maternity dresses. All my pregnancy essentials

9) But more than anything, I hope I conveyed how much I loved being pregnant and had such a positive experience overall. Once that second trimester energy finally kicked in  I felt like an invincible pregnancy superhero (don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t paint a radiator at 39 weeks). Sure, it’s beyond exhausting, you can’t drink booze or any of the good cheese and you don’t get a rest this time, but you’re making a new life. And at the risk of sounding ever-so-slightly sentimental and nausea-inducing, it doesn’t get much more magical than that.

And because everyone who’s tried to work out the maths through a pregnancy-hormone addled brain knows, it’s not actually nine months…so here’s another half:

9.5) For the 96% who have had the agony of being overdue, here’s some slightly alternative ways to induce labour. Not a pineapple in sight.

Voting the in the 2015 MAD Awards is open and I’d love your vote for best pregnancy blog. Vote here. Thank you! **End of transmission**

And of course it doesn’t stop there, here’s some post-pregnancy posts on ten truths about life with a baby, what it’s like with two children and some positive non-advice for future mums of two


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