Nicknames For Nova: 45 Of The Best Nova Nicknames

March 8, 2023

Looking For Nicknames For Nova? Read This Post For The Best Nova Nicknames

If The Baby Name Nova Is At The Top Of Your List, Read This Post For 45+ Of The Best Nova Nicknames

If the name Nova is on your baby name list, you might be looking for the best nicknames for Nova. Read this post for 45 of the best Nova nicknames.

While the name itself is short and sweet, you might want a nickname or pet name to give your baby. So here’s our list of 45 Nova nicknames, including sweet, cute and funny nicknames for Nova.

Nicknames for Nova - best Nova nicknames

Wondering what does the name Nova mean? We also look at the Nova name meaning and how popular the name Nova is.

What Does The Name Nova Mean? The Nova Name Meaning

If you’re looking for the Nova name meaning, Nova is a Latin name that means new.

How Is The Name Nova Pronounced?

The name Nova is pronounced No-Va.

How Popular Is Nova As A Name?

  • In the US, Nova is the 32nd most popular American name for girls.
  • In terms of how popular Nova is as a name in the UK, Nova is currently the 102nd most popular name for girls.

45 Nick names For The Name Nova

Here are 45+ nick names for the name Nova.

  1. Nov
  2. Novi
  3. Novey
  4. Novie
  5. Novies
  6. Nove
  7. Noves
  8. Nos
  9. Noe
  10. Noes
  11. Noa
  12. Va
  13. VaVa
  14. Vi
  15. Viv
  16. Vives
  17. Viva
  18. Vivs
  19. Via
  20. Vova
  21. Nono
  22. Nona
  23. Non
  24. Nons
  25. Vah
  26. Vahs
  27. N
  28. NN
  29. En
  30. Eni
  31. Eny
  32. Enie
  33. Enni
  34. Enny
  35. Ennie
  36. Nen
  37. Vona

Cute And Funny Nicknames For Nova:

Here are cute and funny nicknames for Nova:

  1. Novel
  2. Nose
  3. Nova Scoria
  4. Supernova
  5. Super Nova
  6. Champagne Supernova
  7. November
  8. Genovia

Looking For Middle Names For Nova?

If you’ve found your perfect nickname for Nova, and are looking for middle names for Nova, read our list of 150 one syllable girl names. Nova is a snappy two syllable name, so a short middle name might suit it well.

We also have gender-neutral names and old lady names and rare names for girls.

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