One wedding and a baby dilemma

June 4, 2015

Last weekend we went to our first wedding in a while where I’ve not been secretly or heavily pregnant. And, as a result, this was swiftly followed by my first hangover in a while (the pain).

Having known about the wedding since before Florence was born, I’d vaguely though we’d be OK to leave her, despite it being an overnight trip away from London. When the invite came it hit me; there was no way I could. She’s still breastfed, really attached, still so little, and I just…couldn’t do it. I’d thought it might be different with your second but it really isn’t, is it?

Feeling like a neurotic first-time mum I came up with a plan whereby we’d all stay in a nearby hotel for the weekend and my wonderful in-laws (hello!) would entertain both girls for the day and evening, before we came back for the night. And it worked really well.

The wedding was utterly, utterly lovely. The bride made her own dress, it was sunny, and everything was personal and beautiful. As usual, I meant to take loads of photos but ended up with increasingly blurred selfies, so here’s some slightly abstract pictures instead:

When was the first time you left your babies? I’ve only actually only been away from E for a longer time on two occasions, the first being another wedding when we were back at 2am, and the second being the time I was giving birth to her sister (although she still puts on a faux sad face and mentions “when I woke up and you were gone.” As if she didn’t have unlimited grandparent time, two trips to the hospital and lots of contraband crisps and ice-cream. Plus I was only away for about 18 hours).

Oh, and my biggest tip for social occasions when no-one yet knows you’re pregnant? Never say you’re not drinking as that’s the biggest giveaway ever. Just say yes to a drink and hold it, then pass it on or put it down. Or just drink a mixer. Cheers.

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