40 weeks pregnant: the 96%

October 10, 2014

40 weeks pregnant: any sign of the baby?

Today is my due date and I am officially 40 weeks pregnant…

Clearly I’m not having a baby today. Unless there are any very last minute surprises.

Did you know that apparently only 4% of women actually do have a baby on their due date (did you?) Although I’ve only just realised today is 10.10, which would be a great birthdate.

In lieu of anything actually happening over here, here are some other things to read about pregnancy instead:

40 weeks pregnant - 40 weeks pregnant bump shot

* Have you had that baby yet? (If you’re tired of people asking, send them this instead)

* A timeline of the first hour of a baby’s life

* 22 crazy scientific facts about pregnancy. Hoping I won’t be #2. Also, pregnancy life hacks

* I’m 40 weeks pregnant now, but here’s my latest pregnancy update at 39 weeks, and all my pregnancy updates so far

* This time last pregnancy…and Eliza’s birth story

What are everyone’s plans for the weekend? A fist bump in solidarity for anyone who’s also this many weeks pregnant and due around now *passes round the pineapple*.


  • Fiona

    October 11, 2014 at 7:22 am

    My little boy was born on his due date and I was told by midwives that it was very rare! We welcomed a new niece to the family yesterday so she has the birthdate 10.10.
    Fingers crossed for you when your baby decides it’s time to arrive x

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