14 Weeks Pregnant: Weekly Pregnancy Update

April 16, 2014

14 Weeks Pregnant – A Weekly Update

What’s it like being pregnant at 14 weeks? Here’s my 14 weeks pregnant bump and symptoms.

An update from 14 weeks pregnant Just out of the first trimester and into the second!

Here’s My 14 Weeks Pregnant Bump:

14 weeks pregnant bump shot

14 Weeks Pregnant, With A Toddler

Two things I’ve learnt from taking my daughter with me to my multiple pregnancy-related medical appointments:

1) You can NEVER have too many toddler snacks

2) If you don’t take enough snacks for said toddler, the hospital shop sells contraband Kinder Eggs.

Poor old Eliza; we try to make it as fun as possible though (to the extent that she now really loves sitting on the bus and looking out of the window, and actually likes going to the hospital). Although our joint patience was tried this week when we had to go on an epic bus-train-bus trek to Beckenham, where we waited for nearly two hours to see my endocrinologist for two minutes. There’s only so many times I can make her do the ‘quick running game’ around some chairs and back before she gets bored (and the shop there does not sell anything remotely egg-shaped).

14 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms: Feeling Slightly Better!

But woohoo, I’m in pregnancy week 14, and into the second trimester and the good news is I’m feeling so much less sick now the placenta has taken charge of business. No less tired, and I’m still missing that mythical second trimester burst of energy though (does it exist? Answers on the back of a yawn-hiding hand please). And although I have no signs of a bump yet, it is very early days. I do however feel like I’m fattening up like a lamb ahead of Easter dinner.

And despite now being 14 weeks pregnant we still only have vague signs of a bathroom, but we do have a bath in place and some tiles on the wall. Which is progress on a few days ago when we had a bath in the front garden and tiles all over our dining room.

Week 14 of pregnancy - what can you expect from the second trimester? All about signs, symptoms, cravings and aversions when you're expecting a baby

The photo is Eliza’s daily morning “hi baby!” in our work-in-progress living room. You can also read my first trimester update , and the piece I wrote for TalkMum on the differences between first and second time pregnancies.


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