Picking a perfect maternity dress

November 5, 2014

Does the perfect maternity dress exist? I think any dress for pregnancy would have to cover several bases to fit this criteria. It would make you look and feel good, even when you feel ginormous, and be comfortable without being boring or frumpy. And then be within your price range – whatever that is – especially considering most maternity dresses are only wearable for a handful of months. It also has to be a style you’d normally consider wearing, so for most people I’d imagine that includes no shapeless smocks or ‘hands off the bump!’ comedy logos or cartoon characters.



I was lucky to be sent several items to review during my pregnancy, but one of my favourites was this navy blue dress from Mothercare that definitely fits my perfect dress criteria.

The dress is a long sleeved, higher neck number with pleat detailing on the side by the hip. It’s fitted without being too tight, and really flattering.

Mothercare really impressed me this time round (it also made my maternity boyfriend jeans that I would totally recommend checking out).

Plus it’s a bargainous £30 – which is probably 3x less than you’d pay for the non-maternity equivalent you’d buy from somewhere like Baujken. It’s one I’m planning to wear now, post-pregnancy, so will get even more wear out of it.

Other maternity dresses I wore and loved:

* Tiffany Rose Eden Short dress – perfect for weddings and dressier special occasions (read my Tiffany Rose review)

* Isabella Oliver tunic dress

* New Look maternity dresses – all very fashion-led (and incredibly cheap)

* ASOS – a huge range of fashion items, including maternity versions of most of the normal range. And there’s always a sale on. Here’s the ASOS maternity patterned dress I wore loads this summer

Some non-maternity dresses that I wore throughout:

* Bodycon dress and t-shirt dresses from H&M – including the one I ended up wearing during labour

* My Milk and Mummy striped summer breastfeeding dress – this fitted really well despite not being a maternity dress (also watch out for another review of a winter Milk and Mummy coming soon)

* Topshop tea dress

Where were your favourite places for the dresses you wore when you were pregnant?

How to pick a perfect maternity dresses to make you look and feel good when pregnant


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