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Nicknames For Florence: 21+ Of The Best Florence Nicknames

February 14, 2020

Looking For Nicknames For Florence? Here Are 21 Brilliant Florence Nicknames

If You’re Thinking Of Picking The Name Florence, Here Are 21 Nicknames For Florence

Are you thinking of using the baby name Florence, or looking for nicknames for Florence? Here are 21 nicknames for Florence, short names for Florence and more unusual nicknames other than the obvious ones (Flo!). We also look at the Florence name meaning and middle names for Florence.

PS – If you’re thinking of picking the name Florence, you have great taste. It’s a brilliant name! (Right?!)

Nicknames for Florence - nick names and meaning of the name Florence

We have a Florence, so I can tell you these nicknames are ALL tried and tested. Hopefully you’ll be able to find your perfect Florence nickname!

What Does The Name Florence Mean? The Florence Name Meaning

First, some background on the name Florence. The Florence name meaning is that It is an English baby name with Latin origins, meaning ‘flourishing’ or ‘prosperous.’

Although Florence is a traditional English name, it is also connected to the Italian city of Florence, of course!

Considered a ‘vintage’ baby name, Florence is a baby name one that has become more popular in recent years in the UK, and is now in the top 20 baby names used in the UK, following the trend for using baby names that were previously considered old-fashioned names.

It is currently 14th on the list on UK baby names for girls. There were 1963 babies named Florence that year.

In 2019 there were 2025 girls registered with the name Florence, and it was 15 on the list of UK baby names.

However, if you’re thinking of picking the baby name Florence, I can confirm that we are yet to meet another child of the same age named Florence.

There were also 37 girls named Florrie, 20 named Flo and 144 called Flora in 2020.

You can also read our nicknames for Eliza and my favourite old fashioned baby names.

Famous Women Called Florence

  • Famous and notable people with the name Florence include Florence Nightingale, the pioneer of modern nursing. You can also read about our trip to the Florence Nightingale Museum in London.
  • Other famous Florences include the character from the 60s TV series The Magic Roundabout
  • And Florence Welch, lead singer in the band Florence And The Machine.

21 Nick Names And Short Names For The Name Florence:

Here are 21+ brilliant Florence nicknames:

13 Nicknames For Florence:

  1. Flo
  2. Florrie
  3. Flori
  4. Flora
  5. Floss
  6. Flossie
  7. Flory
  8. Fi
  9. Fifi
  10. Eff
  11. Effie
  12. Ren
  13. Renny
  14. Rence

Unusual And Funny Nicknames For Florence:

Here are unusual and funny nicknames for the baby name Florence:

  1. Florentine
  2. Florentina
  3. Florencia
  4. Flofy
  5. FloFlo
  6. Florida
  7. FloRida
  8. Florence and the Machine

The possibilities are endless!

Looking For Middle Names For Florence?

If you’re looking for a middle name for Florence, read our list of 150 one syllable names for girls to find a middle name for Florence that’s short and snappy, or try a two syllable girl name. Alternatively, try Amelia, Olivia or try Lily or Ivy if you like floral-themed girl names

Why Did We Pick The Name Florence For Our Baby?

Florence was our second baby name, and was actually an easier process than picking our first baby’s name. This time, my husband refused to discuss names till we knew the sex (that didn’t stop me trying!).

However, once we found out we were expecting a girl, we both sat down and went through our name book and picked ones we both liked, of which Florence was our favourite, especially as it’s also an old family name.

Both Alex and I are known by short versions of our names, so we knew we wanted something with nickname potential, and we could think of many names for Florence.

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