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20 Old Fashioned Girl Names And Old Fashioned Boy Names For Babies

February 29, 2020

Looking For The Best Old Fashioned Baby Names, And Old Fashioned Girl Names And Old Fashioned Boy Names?

Read this list of the best old fashioned baby names and vintage baby names for boys and girls.

Here are 20+ vintage baby names and old fashioned girl names and boy names, plus their meanings.

Do you love old fashioned baby names? I do! Baby names usage is often cyclical, so baby names that were considered outdated often come back into style.

As is the case with old fashioned baby names, or vintage names for boys and girls – which have become increasingly popular in recent years. I’m sure everyone knows someone with a name their parents consider to be terribly dated.

Old fashioned baby names for girls

I really love old fashioned names, so spent a lot of time looking them up when I was pregnant. The funny thing with names is that the names both my children have would have been considered too strange to use a few years ago, yet now both of them are growing in popularity.

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How To Find Vintage Names Fit For Your Newborn

Vintage baby names - perfect old fashioned baby names for newborns
  • Ask Your Family For Names– This is my best tip for sourcing old fashioned baby names, as it means they are already in your family, so have a connection and associations. When I was pregnant I asked my Mum, my Mother In Law and my Gran for all the names they could remember.
  • Look For Baby Names On Your Family Tree. If you are lucky enough to have a written family tree, this is another great source of vintage baby names for you to look at.
  • Look At Old Records Or Period Literature. If you want a baby name from a specific period, or are just interested in really old names – for example, you might be looking for old fashioned boys names from the 1800s – then look at record books or fiction from the time. Your local library is your best bet.
  • Look at the ONS (Office of National Statistic) Baby Name Data. You can look at the ONS baby name data on its website – this contains historial name data as well as more receent naming trends.

10 Old Fashioned Baby Names For Girls (And Meanings)

Old fashioned baby names for girls
  • Ada: Means noble
  • Adeline: A diminutive of Adele, this name also means noble or nobility
  • Bertha: A Germanic name meaning ‘bright one’
  • Constance: From Latin, meaning ‘constant’
  • Dorothea: Gift of God
  • Delilah: Meaning ‘delicate’
  • Gwendoline: Fair bow, blessed ring – this is a traditional Welsh name
  • Mabel: This name is derived from Latin, meaning ‘lovable’ or ‘dear’
  • Minnie: A vintage girl’s name meaning ‘of the mind’
  • Winifred: A name taken from the Anglo-Saxon words for wine and peace.

Old-Fashioned Baby Names For Boys (And Meanings)

Old fashioned baby names for boys
  • Albert: Taken from the words meaning noble and bright, an old Anglo-Saxon name
  • Alfred: Elf, or counsel
  • Ambrose: Of Greek origin, meaning immortal
  • Benedict: A masculine name of Latin origin, meaning ‘blessed’
  • Clarence: Bright, or clear
  • Edmund: Means both prosperity, and protector
  • Eric: Sole or eternal ruler
  • Ernest: Means serious, or warrior
  • Ezra: From the Hebrew word for ‘help’, ‘aid,’ or ‘protect’
  • Seth: Of biblical origin, Seth was the third son of Adam and Eve

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