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Nicknames For Olivia – Read This Post For 40+ Nicknames

October 20, 2021

Are You Looking For Nicknames For Olivia?

If You’re Thinking Of Choosing The Baby Name Olivia, Read This Post With 40+ Nicknames For The Name Olivia

If you’re pregnant and thinking of picking the name Oliva for your soon-to-be newborn, read this post for 40 nicknames for Olivia, including cute, funny and cool nicknames. We also look at the meaning of the name Olivia, and how also how popular it is.

Nicknames for Olivia - funny, cute and good nicknames

Olivia is a strong name, and one that is deservedly popular. It’s also a name that is rich in nickname potential – the there are LOTS of nicknames and short names for the name Olivia, or Olive if you want to pick a shorter version straight off.

What Does The Baby Name Olivia Mean?

What does Olivia mean? The name comes from the Latin for ‘Olive tree’, or ‘olive.’ This is often seen as a symbol of peace, which is associated with the name. It’s also the feminine version of the name Oliver.

If you’re interested in variants of similar names, read our nicknames for Eliza.

How Popular Is Olivia As A Baby Name?

Olivia is a brilliant but popular name; it has been the number one baby name in the UK for the past five years (along with Oliver, which has been the most popular boys name for eight years).

Olivia was the most popular baby name is 2020, with 3640 babies registered with the name.

Olivia was the most popular baby name in the UK in 2019, with 4082 babies registered with the name.

If you want a slightly less popular version, Olive was the 109th most popular baby name that year, with 469 babies registered as Olive.

Famous People Called Olivia

Here are six famous people who have the name Olivia or Olive:

  • Olivia, character in William Shakespeare’s Twelth Night
  • Olivia Newton John, singer
  • Olivia Colman, actress
  • Olivia Pope, fictional character in the series Scandal

40 Nick names For The Name Olivia or Olive

Nicknames for Olivia and nicknames for Olive

Here are 40 nicknames for the name Olivia and nicknames for Olive. This list includes cute nicknames for Olivia, cool nicknames for Olivia and good nicknames for Olivia.

  1. Oliv
  2. Olive
  3. Olives
  4. Livia
  5. Liv
  6. Livs
  7. Livie
  8. Livvie
  9. Liby
  10. Livvy
  11. Lif
  12. Life
  13. Liff
  14. Liffy
  15. Libby
  16. Libbie
  17. Liliy
  18. Lilly
  19. Lillie
  20. Lil
  21. Lils
  22. Lia
  23. O
  24. Ol
  25. Ola
  26. Ols
  27. Olee
  28. Olly
  29. Ollie
  30. Via
  31. Ve
  32. Veei
  33. VeVe
  34. ViVi
  35. Viva
  36. Vivy
  37. Aliva
  38. Lee
  39. Live
  40. Ivy
  41. Oia

Funny Nicknames For Olivia 

  1. Olive Oil
  2. Olaf

Middle Names For The Name Olivia

Looking for middle names for the baby name Olivia? Check out this list of 150 one syllable girl names.

As the name Olivia is a longer, four syllable name, a short and sweet middle name would suit it well.

We have a list of 150 one syllable boy names too.

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