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50 Unique Boy Names: REALLY Unusual Names For Your Baby Boy

January 17, 2021

If You’re Looking For Unique Boy Names For Your Baby Boy Read 50 Unique Boy Names

Read This List Of 50 Unique Boy Names If You Want REALLY Unusual Boy Names

If you are pregnant and looking for the perfect baby name, you might be looking for unique boy names for your baby boy – so read this list of 50 unique boy names.

Picking a baby name is fun, but it can be trickier than you think to find the perfect name! Especially if you are searching for those unusual boy names no other child at playgroup will have.

Read our list of 50 unique boy names if you’re looking for a really unusual name.

Unique boy names

Read this list of 50 unique baby names if you’re looking for cool naming alternatives to the popular names on the baby name list.

Why Pick An Unusual Baby Name?

Some parents-to-be are happy to pick more popular names, while for others, the must-have moniker is one no-one else will have

Remember that ultimately, you should pick a name you love that you are happy with, wherever it appears on any list.

Unique boy's names with meanings - cool boys names

Picking unique boy names can be hard,, with current baby name trends meaning what were recently considered rare boy names, are now becoming more and more popular.

A good place to look for unique boy names in the UK is the annual ONS Baby Name data list.

The list, which is updated each year, holds a record of all the names given to three or more babies that year. It also lists the top 100 baby names, as well as recent boy naming trends .

While the names at the top of the list will have been given out thousands of times to newborn boys, the names right at the bottom have been given to baby boys the least out of all names in the UK.

It’s here you are likely to find cool boy names. These are the really rare boy names hardly any other child will have.

Each of the names on our list appears on the lower end of the ONS Baby Name data list, meaning each name was only given out three times or fewer that year.

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Here Are 50 Unique Boy Names With Meanings

Read this list of 50 unique boy names plus meanings:

50 Unique baby boy names with meanings
  1. Al: Short and sweet, Al can be a diminutive for Alex or Alexander. It’s also a name in it’s on right, meaning harmony, or noble (read our nicknames for Alex).
  2. Alf: Old English origin meaning ‘elf’
  3. Brooke: A Water name, meaning small stream
  4. Cadence: Traditionally used as a feminine spelling of Caden, why not pick it for a boy? Meaning rhythm, beat
  5. Clive: Of old English origin, meaning cliff
  6. Del: A unisex name, meaning ‘of the’
  7. Draco: Love your Harry Potter? Draco is a boy’s name meaning dragon
  8. Elkin: A Hebrew or Jewish name, meaning ‘God purchased’
  9. Esben: A Scandinavian name meaning ‘bear God’
  10. Everest: An old English name meaning ‘dweller on the river.’ And, of course, the mountain
  11. Ezran: Of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘helper’
  12. Finian: From Irish and Gaelic origin, meaning fair
  13. Francie: From France
  14. Griffith: Meaning strong chief, a name of Welsh origin
  15. Hano: A traditional Japanese name meaning ‘leafy field’
  16. Jorah: Means early rain, a name of Hebrew origin – also a Game of Thrones character
  17. Kay: Traditionally seen as a girl’s name, which is short for Katherine
  18. Kellen: Boy’s name of German and Irish origin, meaning swamp or slender
  19. Lorenz: German version of the Latin name Laurentius, meaning ‘laurel’
  20. Manfred: A more popular name in Germany, Manfred means ‘man of peace’
  21. Mathis: Another German name, meaning ‘gift of God’
  22. Milos: ‘Lover of glory’ – common in Greece and the Slavic countries
  23. Mycah: Alternative spelling of Micah, meaning ‘like God’
  24. Neon: Like your names as bright as your colours? In Latin neon means strong
  25. Orien: A Gender-neutral name meaning Orient, or east
  26. Owyn: Young warrior, well-born
  27. Piper: Traditionally a girl’s name, Piper means ‘pipe or flute player’
  28. Remmy: ‘From Rhiems’, related to the French name Remy
  29. Roe: A deer, a name of Middle English origin
  30. Rowhan: Alternative spelling for Rowan, meaning ‘little red-haired one’
  31. Rowley: Means ‘roughly cleared meadow’
  32. Rudyard: Often associated with author Rudyard Kipling, this name means ‘red paddock’
  33. Scout: The main character in To Kill A Mockingbird, this is an American unisex name
  34. Silus: Alternative spelling for Sila, meaning ‘man of the forest’
  35. Smith: Meaning blacksmith, mainly used as a last name. Also a Sex and the City character
  36. Sylver: A Latin name meaning ‘forest of truth’
  37. Thelonious: A traditional name of Latin origins, meaning ‘lord.’ Can use Theo for short.
  38. Timo: Meaning ‘to honour’, a Greek name seen as a shorter version of Timothy
  39. Tobiah: Boy’s name of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘the Lord is good’
  40. Usher: Means ‘river mouth’ (and a popular singer)
  41. Vance: ‘Someone who lives near marshland’
  42. Veran: A Serbian name meaning belief, or faith
  43. Truman: Meaning is ‘loyal one’. Strong associations with the film The Truman Show
  44. Wes: ‘Western meadow’, short for Wesley
  45. Wilbert: Wilbert means ‘bright will’
  46. West: Means ‘western stream’, a truly directional name
  47. Wilby: Derived from the Old English for willow, and circle
  48. Willow: Of Old English meaning for Willow tree, and also ‘freedom’
  49. Yana: Traditionally a female form of the name John
  50. Zoran: Common Slavic name, meaning dawn or daybreak

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