50 Nicknames For Arthur – The Best Arthur Nicknames & Archie Nicknames

April 13, 2022

Looking For Nicknames For Arthur or Archie? Read This List Of The Best Arthur Nicknames And Nicknames For Archie

If Arthur Is The Top Of Your Baby Name List, Read This Post For 51+ Of The Best Arthur Nicknames Or Nicknames For Archie

Is the name Arthur or Archie on your baby name list? If you’re looking for nickname inspo, read this post for 50 nicknames for Arthur and nicknames for Archie.

Nicknames for Arthur and nicknames for the name Arthur and Archie

Wondering what Arthur means and how popular it is? We also look at famous people called Arthur and Archie, the meaning of the name Arthur and where it appears on the baby name lists.

What Does The Name Arthur Mean?

The origins of the name Arthur are disputed, but a common meaning is taken to be from the Celtic for ‘bear.’ It also has origins in King Arthur legend. It is also taken to mean noble or courageous.

How Popular Is Arthur As A Baby Name?

How popular is the name Arthur?

In the US, Arthur is currently the 155th most popular name for American boys.

According to the UK baby name list released in October 2022, Arthur was the 4th most popular name for boys. 2928 Arthurs were registered in the last year.

Archie was the 9th most popular name, with 2929 babies registered as Archie.

Famous People Called Arthur

Famous Arthurs include Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes creator, Arthur Ashe, the famous tennis player, playwright Arthur Miller, Art Garfunkel, and legendary King Arthur.

Famous people named Archie include Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s baby son (it’s a royal baby name!).

Is Bear A Nickname For Arthur?

One of the meanings of Arthur is ‘bear’. So yes, bear is often used as a nickname for Arthur.

Is Archie A Nickname For Arthur?

Yes, Archie is a nickname for Arthur. However, Archie is also considered a popular name in its own right (see below for nicknames for Archie as well as Arthur).

50 Nick names For The Name Arthur

Nicknames for Arthur - best Arthur nicknames

Here are 50+ Arthur nicknames:

  1. Art
  2. Archie
  3. Arth
  4. Arts
  5. Arty
  6. Arti
  7. Artie
  8. Arthy
  9. Arthie
  10. A
  11. Ar
  12. ArAr
  13. Artio
  14. Arthurio
  15. Thor
  16. Thur
  17. Tor
  18. Arts
  19. Arf
  20. Artemus
  21. Artsy
  22. Artsie
  23. Ari
  24. Arie
  25. Artoo
  26. Bear
  27. Beary
  28. Beario

Nicknames For Archie

  1. Arch
  2. Archy
  3. Archwell
  4. Ar
  5. A
  6. Ari
  7. Ars
  8. Art
  9. Arty
  10. Atri
  11. Chi
  12. Chie
  13. Chee
  14. Che
  15. Ri
  16. Ree
  17. Rie
  18. ChiChi

Cute And Funny Nicknames For Arthur

Here are funny nicknames for Arthur:

  1. A-Dog
  2. A-Man
  3. A-Team
  4. King Arthur

Looking For Middle Names For Arthur?

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