Strange things I loved about pregnancy

January 8, 2016

Strange things I loved about pregnancy…What strange things did you love about being pregnant? I have to say, now I’m not pregnant, the whole things seems strange looking back. It’s so all consuming at the time that when you’re in it it’s hard to imagine anything else. Then when you’re not…

Things I loved about being pregnant - what were yours? More at www.ababyonboard.comStrange things I loved about pregnancy:

Writing abStrange things I loved about pregnancy: all the weird and wonderful things people don't tell you aboutout being pregnant – sounds slightly meta, but I loved writing about pregnancy (read all my first pregnancy and second pregnancy posts). Mainly because now my baby brained memory still hasn’t returned, it enables me to remember things I would otherwise have forgotten (except for you, rude lady in the bank)

Pregnancy superpowers – I still think pregnancy makes you like a superhero. Who doesn’t love superhuman sense of smell or the ability to replicate? Anyone?

Oh, the pregnancy rage – my pregnancy rollercoaster of emotions second time round was a ragey one, especially at 27 weeks pregnant. But the great thing about being with child means people can’t actually disagree with you. I’ve still not lost the post-pregnancy rage now, due to a combination of being tired on top of being really tired, it’s just now everyone thinks I am being unreasonable (I know!)

Pregnancy hair – everyone loves that shiny, thick mane of pregnancy hair, don’t they? But one of the lesser-known side effects is that mine rarely needed washing (I probably could have left it for aaages). Which is great when you’re too tired to lift your straighteners.

Strange things I loved about pregnancy…actually being pregnant – OK, so I think I’m in a minority in that I actually enjoyed being pregnant (despite the not drinking, extreme tiredness, sickness, spending all my time in the hospital aspects). It’s not so much strange, as pretty magical, if you think about it. I do kind of miss it. Is that strange though? Very possibly…

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  • Sarah Christie

    January 8, 2016 at 10:38 am

    I must say apart from the sickness I enjoyed being pregnant, apart from my hair funny enough, I was like blooming rapunzel it grew at such a rate I could not keep on top of it, and thick it was wild. As soon as I had Joe I had it cut off x

  • Sarah Rooftops

    January 8, 2016 at 9:25 pm

    I miss being pregnant sometimes. That, despite having been housebound for four months of my pregnancy and in constant pain. It’s just such an incredible thing, knowing that you’ve created and are growing a tiny person, feeling all those secret movements only the two of you know about. I also miss being able to shop the maternity sections and know that things would fit and flatter me (NOTHING fits or flatters me now).

    As for the booze, I only ever wanted a glass of wine the week before giving birth and, in hindsight, it might have been best to go ahead.

  • Heledd – Running in Lavender

    January 10, 2016 at 10:21 pm

    All true, but the heighten sense of smell can be a curse as well as a blessing believe me!! I know what you mean about not having to wash your hair, that’s pretty cool.

    Let me think, what else is there to love about this whole pregnancy situation… oh I know, I get to go bed early without feeling guilty. Also, I can ask me husband to do almost anything without comeback. The ‘but I’m so tired and pregnant’ excuse works a treat and in a way is it’s own special power!

    Great post Gill xxx

    1. gillian

      January 10, 2016 at 10:29 pm

      Good point, I think I’d glossed over the fun (?!) of public transport in summer with pregnancy smell. But yes, the early bed thing! (Although why don’t I do that now?!) xx

  • Jakey

    February 12, 2016 at 2:45 pm

    pregnancy time is a great time in everyone’s life, such a wonderful feeling

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