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Nicknames For Lily: 51+ Of The Best Lily Nicknames

November 22, 2021

Are You Looking For Nicknames For Lily? Read This Post For The Best Lily Nicknames 

If You’re Thinking About Picking The Baby Name Lily, Read This Post For 51+ Of The Best Lily Nicknames 

If the name Lily is on your baby name list, read this post for 25 nicknames for Lily. 

Lily is popular for good reasons. It’s both an old fashioned baby name with a vintage pedigree, and a flower baby name that’s fresh. If you’re thinking of picking the name, you might be looking for the best Lily nicknames. So here’s our list of 35 Lily nicknames. These include short, sweet, cute and funny nicknames for Lily.

Nicknames for Lily - the best Lily nicknames for your baby girl

Wondering what Lily means and how popular it is? We also look at famous people called Lily, the meaning of the name Lily and where it appears on the baby name lists (along with alternative spelling Lilly).

What Does The Baby Name Lily Mean?

Lily is the name of the white flower and was originally used as a baby name because of the flower. It is a symbol of purity, innocence and beauty.

How Is The Name Lily Pronounced?

The name Lily is pronounced Lil-lee.

How Popular Is Lily As A Baby Name?

In 2020 Lily was the seventh most popular baby name for girls in the UK. There were 2150 girls named Lily in 2020 (the last full recorded year for names).

Lilly, with the extra L, was 91st on the baby name list for 2020, with 565 babies given the name.

Lillie was 208th, with 237 babies given that name.

Lili, which is the Welsh spelling of the name, was 559th on the list, and was given to 70 babies.

If you want a longer version then Lillian was 333rd, with 137 babies given that name.

Famous People Called Lily

Here are famous people called Lily: 

  • Lily Allen – singer
  • Lily James – actress
  • Lily Potter – fictional mother of Harry
  • Lilibet – the nickname given to Queen Elizabeth
  • Lilibet Diana – the name of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s second baby.

50 Nick names For The Name Lily

Here are 50+ nicknames for the name Lily. 

  1. L
  2. Lil
  3. Lill
  4. Lils
  5. Lilsy
  6. Lilso
  7. Lili
  8. Lilli
  9. Lillie
  10. Lilie
  11. Lillian
  12. Lilian
  13. Lilia
  14. Lillia
  15. El
  16. Elle
  17. Elly
  18. Ellie
  19. Lee
  20. Lees
  21. LeeLee
  22. Li
  23. Lis
  24. Liz
  25. Lizzie
  26. Lia
  27. LiLi
  28. Lu
  29. LuLu
  30. Lilith
  31. Il
  32. Illy
  33. Ils
  34. Ilsy

Cute Nicknames For Lily And Funny Nicknames For Lily

  1. Lolly
  2. Lollie
  3. Lilo
  4. Lilypad
  5. Lilster
  6. Lily Bear
  7. Lily Boo
  8. Lillington
  9. Lilykins
  10. Lello
  11. Lellow
  12. Lilac
  13. Liliana
  14. Lilliana
  15. Flora
  16. Floral
  17. Flower
  18. Flowery
  19. Lily of the valley
  20. Silly Lily

Names With Lily As A Nickname

If you’re looking for names with Lily as a nickname, you could pick Elizabeth, Lillian, Lillith, Liliana, Lilia, Deliah, Talia or Camilla.

Looking For Middle Names For Lilly?

If you love names with a theme, you could pick another flower baby name, or another old-fashioned name.

If you’re looking for a short middle name for Lily read our list of 150 one syllable girl names.

Not sure yet what you’re having? Read our list of 150 one syllable boy names too.

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