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40+ Flower Names For Girls – And Their Meanings

March 10, 2020

Are You Looking for Flower Names For Girls?

Here Are 40+ Flower Baby Names, Floral-Themed Baby Names For Baby Girls, And Their Meanings

Are you pregnant or have a very new baby and looking for the best flower names for girls?

Here are 40+ flower names, botanical, nature and plant baby names for girls, and the meanings of each baby name. If you want floral names for girls, this is the list for you.

Blossom - flower names for girls

Why Pick Flower Names For Girls For Your Baby?

Flower names, especially for girls, are often popular for good reasons. Floral names, like nature names, herb names and plant names, all have a fresh and natural botanical edge. Flower names and floral names are pretty and classic names that don’t date or go out of style.

Flower names for girls

The flower names Lily and Daisy, for example, are ones that have rarely been out of the top ten in recent years. The trend for old-fashioned baby names has meant less popular flower names for girls are being considered more by parents-to-be.

If you’re looking for unique flower names, we have several on our list.

Here are 40+ Flower Names For Girls

Here are 40+ Pretty Floral Baby Names And Their Meanings.

  1. Acacia: Of Greek origin, meaning ‘thorny tree’
  2. Amaryllis: Meaning fresh and sparkling
  3. Aster: A Greek flower name meaning ‘star’
  4. Azalea: A girl’s name of English origin meaning ‘dry’, because the azalea flower thrives in sandy soil
  5. Blossom: A pretty spring name meaning ‘flower-like’, Blosson is also ubiquitous with the 90s sitcom of the same name.
  6. Bluebell: An English flower name, bluebells symbolise gratitude, constancy and everlasting love.
  7. Briar: A Disney-linked name, Briar
  8. Bryony: A Latin flower name meaning ‘to sprout’.
  9. Calla: This is a lily name, meaning ‘beautiful’
  10. Clover: A girl’s name of English origin, meaning key – also associated with good luck due to the symbol of the four leafed clover.
  11. Daisy: One of the more popular floral names, Daisy is derived from an old English word meaning ‘days eye’ (from the flower)
  12. Dahlia: A name of Hebrew origins, meaning ‘branch’
  13. Fern / Ferne: A nature name taken from the leafy plant
  14. Fleur: This is an old English name and also the French translation of the word flower
  15. Flora: From the Latin word for flower, Fleur is also the name of the Roman goddess of spring
  16. Hazel: Another nature name, Hazel is taken from the tree, or colour
  17. Heather: Taken from the name of the small, purple plant
  18. Holly: A seasonal name, Holly is the plant associated with Christmas and winter
  19. Hyacinth; Of Greek origin, meaning precious stone. Also associated with the English sitcom ’Keeping Up Appearances’, where the main characters had floral-themed names
  20. Ianthe: This name is of Greek origin, meaning ‘purple flower’
  21. Iris: A name of Greek origins, meaning ‘rainbow’. Iris was the Greek goddess of the rainbow
  22. Ivy: Taken from the climbing plant, Ivy represents fidelity (Beyonce is also a fan of this name)
  23. Jasmine: Of Persian origin, meaning ‘gift from God’
  24. Lavender: Taken from the purple, sweet-smelling plant
  25. Lilac: From the fragrant, spring flowering plant – and also the distinct colour
  26. Magnolia: A girl’s name of Latin origin. Also the shade of the ever-popular neutral paint colour
  27. Marigold: Marigold is from the golden flower, and also the name of rubber gloves in the UK
  28. Peony: Meaning praise giving or healing
  29. Petunia: Taken directly from the plant, Petunia means ‘trumpet-shaped flower’
  30. Posey: Meaning ‘bunch of flowers’ Posey is also a short name for Josephine
  31. Poppy: The ever-popular Poppy is short, sweet and taken from the name for the red flower which is also used a the symbol for remembrance
  32. Primrose: Meaning ‘first rose’
  33. Rose
  34. Rosey
  35. Rosalie
  36. Rosa
  37. Rosemary: All taken from the rose flower
  38. Tulip: This name is taken from the distinctly-shaped spring flower
  39. Tansy: The rarely-used name Tansy means ‘immortal’ or ‘eternal life’
  40. Viola: A girl’s name of Latin origins, taken from the name violet
  41. Violet: From the old French word ‘Violette’, violet is from the name of the plant, and the colour.
  42. Willow: A charming nature name, from the willow tree.

Where To Find Baby Name Statistics

  • You can also look at the ONS (Office of National Statistic) Baby Name Data website – this contains historical name data as well as more recent naming trends.

If you’re looking for more baby names:

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