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Nicknames For Ava: 35+ Of The Best Ava Nicknames

November 18, 2021

Looking For Nicknames For Ava? Read This Post For The Best Ava Nicknames

If The Baby Name Ava Is At The Top Of Your List, Read This Post For 35+ Of The Best Ava Nicknames

If the baby name Ava is on your baby name list, you might be looking for the best nicknames for Ava. Read this post for 35 of the best Ava nicknames.

While the name itself is short and sweet, you might want a nickname or pet name to give your baby. So here’s our list of 35 Ava nicknames, including sweet, cute and funny nicknames for Ava.

Nicknames for Ava: The best Ava nicknames

Wondering what does the name Ava mean? And what is Ava short for? We also look at the Ava name meaning, what Ava can be short for, and how popular the name Ava is.

What Does The Name Ava Mean? The Ava Name Meaning

If you’re looking for the Ava name meaning, Ava is considered an alternative name for Eve, a biblical name which means ‘life’ or ‘to give life.’ The Ava meaning can also be taken from the Latin word avis, which means bird.

How Is The Name Ava Pronounced?

The name Ava is pronounced Ay-Va.

How Popular Is Ava As A Name?

In terms of how popular Ava is as a name, Ava is currently the fourth most popular baby name for girls in the UK according to the ONS baby name list released in October 2022. The name Ava was given to 2576 babies in the UK in the last fully recorded year.

In the US, Ava is the 5th most popular American name for girls.

What Can Ava Be Short For? Names With Ava As A Nickname

What is Ava short for? Although Ava is a short and snappy name in itself, you might prefer to give a longer first name and then use Ava as a nickname.

Names Ava can be short for include Aveline, Evelina, Adeline, or Avalon.

35 Nick names For The Name Ava

Here are 35+ nicknames for the name Ava.

  1. A
  2. Ay
  3. Aye
  4. Aves
  5. Avi
  6. Avie
  7. Avy
  8. Avs
  9. Avis
  10. Avia
  11. Va
  12. VaVa
  13. Vi
  14. Viv
  15. Ives
  16. Vives
  17. Avalyn
  18. Avory
  19. Avery
  20. Viva
  21. Vivs
  22. Via
  23. Ey
  24. Eye
  25. EyeEye
  26. Evie
  27. Evs
  28. Eyves
  29. Aveline

Cute And Funny Nicknames For Ava:

Here are cute nicknames for Ava and funny nicknames for Ava:

  1. Avacado
  2. Avester
  3. Flava
  4. Avalon
  5. Ava-Wava
  6. Avington

Looking For Middle Names For Ava?

If you’ve found your perfect nickname for Ava, and are looking for middle names for Ava, read our list of 150 one syllable girl names. Ava is a snappy two syllable name, so a short middle name might suit it well.

We have a list of 150 one syllable boy names too.

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