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Nicknames For Alexander: Read This Post For 30+ Baby Name Nicknames For Alex & Alexander

October 1, 2021

Are You Looking For Nicknames For Alexander Or Nicknames For Alex?

If You’re Thinking Of Picking The Baby Name Alexander, Read This Post With 30+ Nicknames For Alexander and Nicknames For Alex

If you’re thinking of picking the name Alexander, read this post for 30 nicknames for Alexander and nicknames for Alex, the meaning of the name and how popular it is.

Nicknames for Alexander - short names for the baby name Alex

We have an Alexander in this house who goes by Alex, so all these nicknames have been road-tested (for years and years!)

Firstly – What Does The Baby Name Alexander Mean?

Alexander is a classic and timeless name with a strong meaning. Alexander is the Latin variant of the Greek name Alexandros, meaning ‘defender of men.’

How Popular Is Alexander As A Baby Name?

The name Alexander was 26th in the top 100 baby names of 2020 and there were 1909 boys names Alexander in that year. The name Alex was less popular, and was 108th on the list, with 560 boys named Alex last year.

The name Alexander was 21st in the top 100 baby names of 2019. There were 2344 boys named Alexander in that year. 

Famous People Called Alexander Or Alex

Here are six famous people who have the name Alexander or the name Alex:

  • Alexander The Great – King of Ancient Greece
  • Alexander Hamilton – Founding father of the USA (and namesake and subject of the musical Hamilton)
  • Alexander Graham Bell – Inventor of the telephone
  • Alex Ferguson – The former Manchester United football manager
  • Alexander Flemming – Discovered penicillin 
  • Alexander McQueen – The famous British fashion designer

25 Nick names For The Name Alexander And Nicknames For Alex

Nicknames for Alexander - short names for the baby name Alexander and Alex

Here are 25 nicknames for the baby name Alexander, including cute nicknames for Alexander and creative nicknames for Alex:

  1. Al
  2. Alex
  3. A
  4. Alec
  5. Alecs
  6. Alek
  7. Aleks
  8. Aleck
  9. Alecks
  10. Ali
  11. Ally
  12. Lex
  13. Lexi
  14. Lexander
  15. Xander
  16. Xanders
  17. Xan
  18. Xandy
  19. Ace
  20. Ander
  21. Anders
  22. Alexi
  23. Alexy
  24. Dex
  25. Dexy

Scottish Nicknames For Alexander

  1. Sandy is a traditional Scottish nickname for Alexander.

Russian Nicknames For Alexander

  1. Sasha is a traditional Russian nickname for Alexander.

And More Unusual Nicknames For The Name Alexander:

  1. Lexington
  2. Alexio
  3. Alexandario

Middle Names For The Name Alexander Or Alex

If you’re looking for middle names for the baby name Alexander, read this list of one syllable baby names for boys. As Alexander is a longer, four syllable name, a short and sweet middle name would suit it well.

We also have 150 one syllable girl names too.

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