Nicknames For Violet: 51 Of The Best Violet Nicknames

May 15, 2023

In Need Of Nicknames For Violet? Read This Post For The Best Violet Nicknames

If The Name Violet Is Top Of Your Baby Name List, Read This Post For 51+ Of The Best Violet Nicknames

If Violet is your number 1 baby name choice, you might be looking for the best nicknames for Violet.

While the name itself is short and sweet, you might also want a pet name to give your baby. So here’s our list of 51 Violet nicknames, including cute and funny nicknames for Violet.

Nicknames for Violet - best Violet nicknames

Wondering what does the name Violet mean? We also look at the Violet name meaning, how popular the name Violet is, middle names for Violet and famous people named Violet.

What Does The Name Violet Mean? The Violet Name Meaning

Looking for the Violet name meaning?

Violet is girl’s name of Latin origin, and the Violet name meaning is purple, after the colour.

How Popular Is Violet As A Name?

Best violet nickname

How popular is the name Violet?

In the US, Violet is the 20th most popular American name for girls.

In terms of how popular Violet is as a name in the UK, Violet is currently the 25th most popular name for girls.

Need Middle Names For Violet?

Looking for a middle name for Violet?

Try one from our list of old lady names and rare names for girls or 150 one syllable girl names.

Or try one of our gender-neutral names.

If you like floral names, try a flower baby name.

Famous People Named Violet

Looking for famous people named Violet? Try one of these famous Violet namesakes:

Violet Beauragarde, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory character

Violet Affleck, Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck’s daughter

Violeta Isfel, actor

51 Nick names For The Name Violet

Best Violet nickname

Here are 51+ nick names for the name Violet:

  1. Vi
  2. Vio
  3. Viola
  4. V
  5. VV
  6. Vi
  7. ViVi
  8. Vie
  9. Vivs
  10. Vivy
  11. Vivvy
  12. Viy
  13. Viva
  14. Vives
  15. Veeves
  16. Violetta
  17. Violeta
  18. Ve
  19. Vee
  20. VeVe
  21. VeeVee
  22. Let
  23. Lett
  24. Leta
  25. Letta
  26. Lety
  27. Letty
  28. Leti
  29. Letti
  30. Letie
  31. Lettie
  32. Ol
  33. Ole
  34. Oll
  35. Oly
  36. Olly
  37. Olie
  38. Ollir
  39. Loty
  40. Lotty
  41. Loti
  42. Lotti
  43. Loty
  44. Lotty
  45. Lotie
  46. Lottie

Cute And Funny Nicknames For Violet:

Here are cute and funny nicknames for Violet:

  1. Miss V
  2. Violet Beauregarde
  3. Violin
  4. Owl
  5. Owlette
  6. Purple

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