Nicknames For Alice: 41+ Of The Best Alice Nicknames

July 8, 2022

Looking For Nicknames For Alice? Read This Post For The Best Alice Nicknames

If you’re thinking about picking the baby name Alice, read this post for431+ of the best Alice nicknames to find your perfect Alice nickname.

If the name Alice is on your baby name list, read this post for nicknames for Alice. This list includes short, sweet, cute and funny nicknames for Alice.

Nicknames for Alice - the best Alice nicknames

Wondering what Alice means and how popular it is? We also look the meaning of the name Alice and where it appears on the baby name lists.

What Does The Name Alice Mean? The Alice Name Meaning

Alice is a classic female name, made popular by Lewis Caroll’s Alice In Wonderland books. If you’re wondering what the name Alice means, the name has Germanic origins and the Alice name meaning is ‘noble.’

How Popular Is Alice As A Baby Name?

Interested in how popular Alice is as a baby name? Alice is the 27th most popular name for girls in the UK, with 1432 girls registered with the name in the last fully recorded year.

Nick names For The Name Alice

Here are 41+ nicknames for the name Alice, read this list to find your perfect Alice nickname:

  1. Al
  2. All
  3. Aly
  4. Alie
  5. Ally
  6. Allie
  7. Ali
  8. Licia
  9. Lice
  10. Licey
  11. Lycia
  12. Licie
  13. Alicia
  14. Alizia
  15. Alize
  16. Allys
  17. A
  18. Aie
  19. Ai
  20. Liss
  21. Lissy
  22. Lissie
  23. Lissia
  24. Lal
  25. Lall
  26. Lallie
  27. Lally
  28. Laly
  29. Lalie
  30. Ci
  31. Cee
  32. Ce
  33. CeCe
  34. CeeCee
  35. CiCi

Cute Alice Nicknames And Funny Nicknames For Alice

  1. Malice
  2. Alice…Alice…WTF is Alice?
  3. Alice in Wonderland
  4. A Team
  5. Ally Pally
  6. Alligator
  7. Alan

Looking For Middle Names For Alice?

On the hunt for middle names for Alice? Read our list of 150 one syllable girl names or two syllable names for girls. You can also look at flower names for girls or royal baby names for your perfect middle name for Alice.

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