Nicknames For Phoebe: 41+ Of The Best Phoebe Nicknames

December 1, 2022

Looking For Nicknames For Phoebe? Read This Post For The Best Phoebe Nicknames

If The Baby Name Phoebe Is At The Top Of Your List, Read This Post For The Best Phoebe Nicknames

If the baby name Phoebe is right up at the top of your baby name list, you might be looking for the best nicknames for Phoebe. Read this post for 41 of the best Phoebe nicknames, the Phoebe meaning and middle names for Phoebe.

Nicknames for Phoebe - best Phoebe nicknames

While the name itself is a short and sweet two syllable name, you might want a nickname or pet name to give your baby. So here’s our list of 41 Phoebe nicknames, including sweet, cute and funny nicknames for Phoebe.

Wondering what does the name Phoebe mean? We also look at the Phoebe name meaning, what Phoebe can be short for, and how popular the name Phoebe is.

What Does The Name Phoebe Mean? The Phoebe Name Meaning

Looking for the Phoebe name meaning?

The name Phoebe is a Latin name of Greek origin, and the Phoebe meaning is bright or radiant.

It’s a name that was used in the bible, by Shakespeare, and of course, by Phoebe from Friends.

How Popular Is Phoebe As A Name?

How popular is the name Phoebe?

In the US, Phoebe is the 214th most popular name for girls in America.

In terms of how popular Phoebe is as a name, Phoebe is currently the 22nd most popular baby name for girls in the UK according to the ONS baby name list released in October 2022. The name Phoebe was given to 1678 babies in the UK in the last fully recorded year.

Famous People Named Phoebe

Best funny Phoebe nicknames

Looking for famous people named Phoebe? Try one of these famous Phoebes:

Phoebe Buffet, Friends character

Phoebe Waller-Bridge, actor and director

Phoebe Cates, actor

Phoebe Tonkin, actor

Looking For Middle Names For Phoebe?

Looking for middle names for Phoebe?

Read our list of 150 one syllable girl names. Phoebe is a snappy two syllable name, so a short middle name might suit it well. You could also try an old lady name or a rare girl’s name.

We have a list of 150 one syllable boy names too.

41+ Nick names For The Name Phoebe

Nickname for Phoebe

Here are 41+ nicknames for the name Phoebe, to help you find your perfect Phoebe nickname.

  1. Pheebs
  2. Phoebs
  3. Pheebz
  4. Feeb
  5. Feebs
  6. Feebz
  7. Feeby
  8. Feebsy
  9. Febe
  10. Phebe
  11. P
  12. Pe
  13. Peeps
  14. Pi
  15. Fe
  16. Fee
  17. Fi
  18. FeFe
  19. FeeFee
  20. FiFi
  21. Feefs
  22. Fez
  23. Phe
  24. Be
  25. BeBe
  26. Bee
  27. BeeBee
  28. BiBi
  29. Bea
  30. BeaBea

Cute And Funny Nicknames For Phoebe:

Here are cute nicknames for Phoebe and funny nicknames for Phoebe:

  1. Little P
  2. Pea
  3. Bebo
  4. Bob
  5. Furby
  6. Flea
  7. Fleaby
  8. Fleabs
  9. Phobs
  10. Fobs
  11. Fobby

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