Just Found Out You’re Pregnant…? Read This!

January 23, 2017

Have You Found Out You’re Pregnant…? Make Sure You Read This Post!

Just found out you’re pregnant? I know this is the most popular time for people to find out about pregnancies and lots of people come by looking for pregnancy information. So hello!

Pregnancy, 25 weeks pregnant - everything I had no idea about life before babies

If You’ve Just Found Out That You Are Pregnant, Read These Posts

For everyone who is pregnant or those who think you might have early pregnancy symptoms – eeek – here’s all my favourite and most useful posts about pregnancy and birth:

And early pregnant checklist.

One of my favourite posts *ever*, 24 things they don’t tell you in NCT classes, but *definitely* should (this list grows by the day…)

If you’re pregnant and commute, here’s how to get a Baby on Board badge (but would you wear one?)

I loved reading pregnancy diaries when I was expecting, so here’s all my week-by-week pregnancy diary posts with baby one and baby two. Cravings, rage and inappropriate comments feature heavily…which brings me on to:

How *not* to speak to pregnant women – a handy guide (I still have haven’t forgiven the woman in the bank).

Here’s what no-one ever tells you about pregnancy and what no-one ever tells you about the third trimester.

Also 19 pieces of advice to myself, on the eve of giving birth….

…plus pregnancy life hacks to make what can be a tricky time that little bit easier.

And if you love reading birth stories, here’s Eliza’s induction birth story and Florence’s speedy second delivery birth story.

And If You’ve Just Found Out You’re Pregnant Again, Here Are All My Favourite Posts About Second Pregnancies.

Just found out you're pregnat? Here's the best tips and advice for you to read about pregnancy - make sure you check it out

It’s not as easy the second-time-round – much less nap potential, sadly – here’s some unavoidable truths about pregnancy when you have a toddler 

Here’s how to tell the toddler about a new baby and things to do before the second baby arrives.

Are you a future mum of two? Here’s my (non) advice.

And further down the line, here’s all the things I love about being a mum of two and life with two children? What other mothers never tell you.

Just found out that you're pregnant? Make sure you read this post with tips, hints and advice about what to do next! A must-read for anyone in the first trimester

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