10 Early Pregnancy Symptoms; The Earliest Pregnancy Signs

December 1, 2016

10 Early Pregnancy Symptoms…What Are The Earliest Signs of Being Pregnant?

Think you might possibly be pregnant and are wondering what the early pregnancy symptoms and early pregnancy signs might be, those hints that might make you think ‘Am I pregnant?’

Here Are 10 Early Pregnancy Symptoms:

Early pregnancy symptoms - Earliest signs of pregnancy

When we were TTC (trying to conceive) we had fertility problems which meant I spent a lot of time reading up on what the early signs of pregnancy could be. About as much time as I spent obsessing about whether I had those signs and trying to decipher if my boobs were sore or if that twinge was a potential signal.

I was desperate to know what the earliest signs of pregnancy could possibly be.

What Are The Earliest Signs Of Pregnancy?

Most articles I read came up with ‘missed period’ or ‘positive pregnancy test’ as early pregnancy symptoms and they were always fairly clinical. But if you even suspect that you might have concieved then you’re hunting for any possible clue as early as possible, way before you have a late period or positive test.

And looking back at both my pregnancies I’ve had quite clear early pregnancy symptoms – most of them I only realised were signs looking back, though! You can read about my first pregnancy and second pregnancy here.

So here were my early signs of pregnancy and my early pregnancy symptoms. Warning, some of these are fairly TMI:

What are the earliest signs of pregnancy?

And if you think you ARE pregnant, here’s how to keep your early pregnancy a secret and you can also follow me on Pinterest

  1. Implantation bleeding: Some people think they can actually feel implantation occur, which is pretty fascinating. I can’t say I did, although I did experience implantation bleeding (light spotting) both times at around 9-10 days PO (post ovulation). It was a usual pre-period thing for me, but followed by no period.
  2. Changes to cervical mucus: TMI warning again…but, hey, cervical mucus is a *big thing* if you’re TTC. And if you’ve struggled to fall pregnant as soon as you’ve liked then you’ve probably read up on how to use it to tell if you’re ovulating. But if conception hasn’t occurred, cervical mucus usually dries right up before your period is due. But if it has then it’s likely to increase if you’re pregnant, in the days after conception occurs.
  3. Body temperature: Charting body temperature is another way of keeping track of ovulation and pregnancy. If you’re not pregnant your body temperature will dip before your period, then rise again on the day it starts. If you are pregnant then it will stay high with no dip.
  4. Feeling hot: As above, I felt really uncomfortably hot all the time, as if the central heating was on high. Which it wasn’t.
  5. Vivid dreams: I had really strong and vivid dreams through both pregnancies that started straight away. These were a big clue second time round. Pregnancy dreams are insane!
  6. Nausea..
  7. And dizziness: Although full-on morning sickness doesn’t develop for a while. I thought something was up when I walked up a hill and felt really odd. It felt like a mild hangover without the drinking.
  8. Feeling really emotional: Crying at something ridiculous? Feeling really angry and upset? Yep, could be an early pregnancy symptom…
  9. Sensitive sense of smell: The heightened sense of pregnancy smell is an incredible thing; I once knew my husband was eating crisps despite being in a completely different floor of the house to him and this started really early on. It made commuting on public transport really difficult, espeically during summer when nothing smells good anyway, let alone the top deck of the bus.
  10. Feeling…odd:I didn’t feel like tea. I didn’t feel like wine. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it but something was definitely up.

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