41 Nicknames For Oliver – Read This Post For The Best Oliver Nicknames

March 25, 2022

Are You Looking For Nicknames For Oliver?

If You’re Thinking Of Picking The Baby Name Oliver Read This Post With 41+ Nicknames For The Name Oliver

If the name Oliver is the top of your baby name list, read this post for 41 nicknames for Oliver, including cute, funny and cool nicknames.

We also look at the meaning of the name Oliver, and how also how popular the name is.

Nicknames for Oliver - the best Oliver nicknames for boys

Oliver is a strong name for boys, and very popular. It’s also a name that is rich in nickname potential!

If you’re thinking of picking the name Olivia for your baby girl, read this list of nicknames for Olivia.

What Does The Baby Name Oliver Mean?

What does Oliver mean?

The Oliver name comes from the Latin for ‘Olive tree’, or ‘olive.’ This is often seen as a symbol of peace, which is associated with the name.

It’s also the masculine version of the name Olivia.

How Popular Is Oliver As A Baby Name?

nicknames for Oliver - Best Oliver nickname

How popular is the name Oliver? Well, Oliver is a very popular name!

In the US, Oliver is the 3rd most popular name for American boys.

In the UK, Oliver is the second most popular baby name for boys. Prior to that, it was the number one baby name in the UK for eight years. The most popular name for boys in the UK is now Noah.

Famous People Named Oliver

Looking for famous people named Oliver?

Try one of these:

Oliver Stone, director

Oliver Crowmwell, historical figure

Oliver Hardy, comedian

Middle Names For The Name Oliver

If you’re looking for the perfect middle names for the name Oliver, read this list of 150 one syllable boy names.

As Oliver is a longer, three syllable name, a short and sweet middle name would suit it well.

You could also try George, read our nicknames for George post, or Noah, read our nicknames for Noah post.

We have a list of gender-neutral names and old-fashioned names too.

40 Nick names For The Name Oliver

Here are 40 nick names for Oliver This list includes cool nicknames for Oliver and funny nicknames for Oliver.

nicknames for Oliver - best Oliver nicknames

Firstly, The Classic Oliver Nicknames:

  1. Olly
  2. Ollie

And These Nicknames For Oliver That Aren’t Olly Or Ollie:

  1. Ol
  2. Oly
  3. Olie
  4. Ols
  5. Olsy
  6. Oh
  7. Olv
  8. Olav
  9. Ola
  10. Ole
  11. Ollo
  12. Ollio
  13. Olson
  14. Liv
  15. Livi
  16. Livy
  17. Livier
  18. Lev
  19. Levi
  20. Levy
  21. Viv
  22. Vivs
  23. Vivier
  24. Vee
  25. Vi
  26. Via
  27. Viva
  28. VeeVee
  29. ViVi
  30. Evo
  31. Tolly
  32. Noll
  33. Nol
  34. Nolly

Funny Nicknames For Oliver 

Do you want funny nicknames for Oliver? Try one of these:

  1. Olive
  2. Olive Oil
  3. Oliver Oil
  4. Olaf
  5. Olster

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