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Unusual Girl Names – 35 Unusual Baby Girl Names

January 20, 2021

Are You Pregnant And Searching For Unusual Girl Names For Your Baby?

Read This List of 35 Unusual Girl Baby Names

If you’re looking for unusual girls names for your baby girl, and want to find a name that five other children in her class won’t have, then read on.

Unusual girl names - uncommon names for your baby girl

Here’s our list of 30 unusual baby names for you to pick your perfect baby name from.

Why Pick An Unusual Baby Name?

Some parents are happy to have pretty but undoubtedly popular names. For others it’s much more important to have a name for their child no-one else will have.

Everyone remembers the popular names from their childhood, where multiple children you knew had them! This usually resulting in each child being referred to with an initial, or by a nickname.

Some parents prefer to pick an unusual moniker for their baby that won’t have five other children turning round when shouted across the playground (some might not care, and that’s fine too – pick what you love!)

Where Can You Find Uncommon Baby Girl Names?

How to find unusual girl names - uncommon names for your baby girl

Look outside current trends. Baby names are cyclical, which means names from a couple of generations past often come back into fashion. Currently, old-fashioned baby names are stylish – think Ivy, Stanley and Peggy – which are names our own parents would have shuddered to think of picking. However, 70s names – think Claire, Rachel, Joanne – are considered out of fashion.

Ask older relatives in your family, or look on your family tree. There might be an unusual gem you’ve not thought of.

A good place to look for unusual girls names in the UK is on the ONS Baby Name data list, which records all the names given to three or more babies that year.

While the names at the top of the list are likely to have been given out thousands of times, thenames right at the bottom are much more unusual, and have been given to babies the least out of all names in the UK

Each of the names on our list appears on the bottom of the ONS Baby Name data, meaning each name was given out three times or fewer that year.

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Here Are 35 Unusual Girl Names With Meanings

Unusual girl names - pretty but uncommon names for baby girls
  1. Aina: A name found in multiple cultures, Aina can mean always, sight and love and affection
  2. Alin: Traditionally a boy’s name meaning precious
  3. Assia: A name meaning protect
  4. Avril: From the Latin ‘to open’ and known for pop star Avril Lavigne
  5. Buffy: Short form of Elizabeth, meaning oath or sabbath. And a popular vampire slayer.
  6. Calla: For the Lily, meaning beautiful
  7. Capri: Love the Italian island? Pick this unusual name
  8. Darcia: Dark, related to the Irish and Gaelic name Darcie
  9. Elvia: Related to the Irish name Elva, meaning white
  10. Fable: Meaning a story with a moral or lesson
  11. Florin: Short form of the German name Florentius, and traditionally used for boys
  12. Flori: Meaning flower, and a short form of Florence – read my post on nicknames for Florence
  13. Gabby: Hero of God
  14. Hanne: A Hebrew name meaning ‘God has favoured me’
  15. Hennie: Of German origin, means ‘home ruler’
  16. Hildi: From the old German meaning ‘ready for battle’
  17. Hudson: Meaning Hugh’s son, and a traditional English last name
  18. Ide: A Japanese name, meaning one who lives near a dam
  19. Jara: A Spanish flower name for a rock rose
  20. Juna: Either related to the goddess Juno, or born in June
  21. Kit: Meaning Christ, short for Christopher
  22. Laine: Meaning road, or pathway
  23. Leda: A name of Greek origin, and the Queen of Sparta
  24. Lindy: Meaning beautiful, sweet – a short version of names like Belinda or Linda
  25. Max: From Maxmillion, meaning greatest (here’s Max for a boy)
  26. Nena: Spanish origin, meaning ‘little girl’
  27. Odessa: Of Greek origin for ‘angry man’, also for The Odyssey
  28. Orli: My light
  29. Ray: Wise protector, traditionally a boy’s name
  30. Sirin: A Muslim girl’s name, meaning ‘wife of the prophet’
  31. Soma: Of Indian and Pakistani origin, meaning ‘the moon’
  32. Teal: Love the colour? Pick it as a name
  33. Tova: A girl’s name of old Norse and Hebrew origins, related to Thor, the God of Thunder
  34. Verena: An old fashioned Spanish name meaning ‘integrity’
  35. Vitoria: Meaning victory, or related to the name Victoria

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