Pregnancy and the secrets of the third trimester – shhh!

February 9, 2016

You’ve reached the third trimester and are SO near to the end of pregnancy and actually meeting your baby..…so what are the pregnancy secrets of the third trimester? You know, all the nitty gritty details, signs and pregnancy symptoms that only your sister or close friend would tell you?

Pregnancy and the secrets of the third trimester - what are the pregnancy secrets, signs and symptoms no-one tells you about being in the final trimester of pregnancy and so close to having a baby?

Make sure you also read about the secrets of the first trimester and the secrets of the second trimester…and if you think you might be pregnant but aren’t sure, read about the really early pregnancy signs and how to keep your early pregnancy a secret.

But first, what are the pregnancy secrets of the third trimester?

That your due date is just an estimate and should actually be a due week or month. Did you know only 4% of women actually give birth on their due date? That means a whopping 96% of women DON’T (I know that’s no consolation when you’re right near the end and huge and exhausted and just want to have your baby, though). I was one of the 96%.

The pregnancy symptoms don’t go away – in fact a lot of them like tiredness and morning sickness might even come back with a venegence (here’s all my strange pregnancy sypmtoms from the third trimester). Always phone your midwife if you’re unsure about anything, though!

You might even get some new pregnancy symptoms…like baby brain. 

The pregnancy SECRETS of the third trimester - how many of these do you know? Make sure you read this post on symptoms and signs if you're pregnant #ttc #pregnany

Even though you are EXHAUSTED you probably won’t sleep very well. Between getting up for a wee every hour and the baby holding an all-night party, you might not get much sleep (and no to all the people that say this – it’s not preparing you for the new mum sleep deprivation – it doesn’t even come close!).

You spend most of the time either dying for a wee or being extremely thirsty. Often at the same time.

You might think you’re in labour but it might be a false alarm. I had a couple of episodes of Braxton Hicks that were so strong I was convinced that the baby was going to come imminently (Braxton Hicks are an odd sensation that feel like your stomach has turned to metal). Here are the actual signs of labour.

The final in our list of the secrets of the third trimester…?

Pregnancy secrets and the third trimester - what are the secrets about being pregnant in the third trimester that no-one tells you? About signs, dymptoms and THAT stat about due dates.Make sure you read the post!

Time slows down: If you’re overdue, the time goes SO SLOWLY. But as frustrating as it is, your baby will come soon.

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