How To Keep Your Early Pregnancy A Secret…Shhh!

December 1, 2016

Here’s How To Keep Your Early Pregnancy A Secret

Here Are Five Ideas To Keep An Early Pregnancy Secret

Just found out that you are pregnant and have a baby on board? Congratulations! Here are five ideas for how to keep your early pregnancy a secret.

Suspect you might be pregnant but are not 100% sure? make sure you read my list of early pregnancy symptoms.

While some people like to tell everyone the news about their pregnancy straight away, others might like to wait longer. If that is you, you might be desperately trying to think of ways to throw people off the scent about impending motherhood and the fact that you are pregnant.

Baby news - pregnancy announcement

(Photo is from my last pregnancy announcement, at twelve weeks pregnant. Teeny tiny toddler!)

Why Hide Your Early Pregnancy?

It is entirely up to YOU when you tell people you are pregnant, and on your terms. For various reasons, lots of people choose not to make the news of their pregnancy public until the 12 week scan.

Everyone’s different and it’s up to you and when you feel comfortable sharing the news – but I spent the first trimester of pregnancy in happy shock after a tricky time conceiving. I both wanted to keep it a secret for us and was also half convinced there was nothing in there so didn’t want to tell anyone till we knew for sure (read my post on dealing with pregnancy anxiety).

Early Pregnancy And Socialising – Help!

Lots of people’s pre-baby social life consists of socialising a fair few nights of the week and cancelling everything for ten or so weeks is unavoidable. Especially if you work – as I did – in an industry that involves work parties, lunches, dinners with lots of wine and so on.

There are a lot of opportunities for people to guess your pregnancy – so you need some good cover stories.

What Not To Tell People When You’re Secretly Pregnant:

  • DON’T tell people you’re not drinking because you’re taking antibiotics – you might as well just wave your positive pregnancy test around. If you’re at a certain age / stage it will be obvious
  • DON’T deny it if people ask – what? Sounds weird, but if people are direct enough to confront you with it, it’s best to bluff – say ‘of course!’ then laugh it off as a joke. It will be much less obvious that turning bright red and stumbling around for a cover story.

Here’s some better cover stories for why you’re not drinking and socialising and some ideas for how to keep your early pregnancy a secret.

Five Ways To Keep Your Pregnancy Secret:

1. You’re driving

Tell everyone you can’t have a drink as you are driving. No-one can argue with this. although it only works if you actually do drive, and not if you’re in central London and clearly commute to work via the tube you live next door to…

2. You’re still really hungover from last night

And OMG can’t even face hair of the dog. This is a genuinely good cover story. And also a good cover story for morning sickness, and telling people why you are various shades of green / grey and running off to be sick lots

3. You’re taking part in booze-free Dry January

Or February, March and so on, or a sponsored alcohol-free charity ‘thing’. Or say you’re having a  month ‘off’.

4. Say you’ve had a couple of drinks already and feel really drunk

Say you are a lightweight, or drank on an empty stomach, it’s gone to your head, you’re feeling woozy, that kind of thing. So just to be on the safe side you’re sticking to water till you sober up a bit

5. Say nothing at all

Accept a drink and hold it or take small sips. Do the lemonade-in-a-wine-glass trick. Pretend you’re drinking something-clear-with-a-mixer. I had to do this at a very boozy wedding with my second pregnancy. People didn’t notice a thing (and I found out after I wasn’t the only one! I had no clue either).

How to kee your early pregnancy a secret when you're not quite ready to tell - five cover stories to throw people off the scent and explain why you're not socialising or drinking. Make sure you read the full post if you're expecting a baby!

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