Nicknames for Luna: 45 Of The Best Luna Nicknames

December 19, 2022

On The Lookout For Nicknames For Luna? Read This Post For The Best Luna Nicknames

If Luna Is Your Favourite Name, Read This Post For 45+ Of The Best Luna Nicknames

If you’re in love with the name Luna for your baby, you might be looking for the best nicknames for Luna. Read this post for 45 of the best Luna nicknames.

nicknames for Luna - best Luna nicknames

While Luna is a short and sweet name in its own right, you might want a nickname or pet name to use every day. So here’s our list to help you find your favourite Luna nickname, including sweet, cute and funny nicknames for Luna.

Wondering what does the name Luna mean? We also look at the Luna name meaning, what names go with Luna and how popular the name Luna is.

What Does The Name Luna Mean? The Luna Name Meaning

Some background on the Luna name meaning. Seeing a resurgence thanks to the Luna Lovegood character in the Harry Potter books and films, and the name given by Chrissy Teigan and John Legend to their daughter, the name Luna is a name of Latin origin meaning moon. Luna was the Roman goddess of the moon.

How Popular Is Luna As A Name?

In terms of how popular Luna is as a name, in the US Luna is the 12th most popular name for girls.

In the UK, Luna is currently the 35th most popular name for girls, and was given to 1261 in the last fully recorded year for names.

45 Nick names For The Name Luna

Here are 45+ nicknames for the name Luna to help you find your perfect Luna nickname:

  1. Luna
  2. Loo
  3. Lu
  4. Lou
  5. LooLoo
  6. LuLu
  7. LouLou
  8. Una
  9. Louie
  10. Louey
  11. Luey
  12. Luie
  13. Looie
  14. Looy
  15. Looz
  16. Loos
  17. Lo
  18. Loz
  19. Los
  20. Lucy
  21. Lun
  22. Loon
  23. L
  24. El
  25. Elle
  26. Lunar
  27. Lunette
  28. Lunetta
  29. Nou
  30. No
  31. Noo
  32. NouNou
  33. NooNoo
  34. NoNo
  35. Lunah
  36. Loona
  37. Nuna
  38. Nunah

Funny Nicknames For Luna

Here are cute nicknames for Luna and funny nicknames for Luna:

  1. Looney
  2. Looney Tunes
  3. Luna Lovegood
  4. Moon
  5. Mooney
  6. Lucy Lou
  7. Lula
  8. Lula Lou

Looking For Middle Names For Luna?

Wondering what names go with Luna? If you’ve found your perfect nickname for Luna, and are looking for middle names for Luna, try a rare girl’s name or old lady name.

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