Most Popular American Nicknames For Girls

May 2, 2024

The Most Popular American Nicknames For Girls

Are you looking for the most popular American nicknames for girls? We look at the most popular nicknames for boys in the US, based on the current list of the top 20 popular American names for girls.

American nicknames for girls

We look at each American name for girls in the top 20 list of popular names, with the most popular nickname for each name. There’s also a link to where you can read more ideas for short names to help you find your favourite girl’s nickname.

Why Are Nicknames Popular For Girls?

So what is a nickname and why are they so popular for girls?

A nickname is a short, familiar or affectionate name given to a person instead of or as well as their real name.

Most nicknames evolve naturally in time, too – lots of parents have short and sweet pet nicknames for their children which aren’t related to their name, or nicknames can be based on something completely different to a name – such as appearance, like hair colour.

However, nicknames are commonly short versions of the given name.

Why are American nicknames so popular for girls? There are lots of reasons why nicknames are popular – a big one is because nicknames are more familiar, shorter and easier to say.

Parents might want a longer, more ‘formal’ name to use on the birth certificate with a shorter name for every day (this is common with names which are used in every generation of families).

You might also want a sweeter, younger sounding name for when they are young with a longer, more formal name to use when they re older.

Top 20 American Baby Names For Girls And Popular Nicknames

American nicknames for girls

Here are the current top twenty most popular American names for girls in the USA, in order of popularity in the top 20, along with the top nickname for each of the girl’s names, along with a link to read a full list of nicknames for each post.

These nicknames are mainly based on short versions of the name, or have been used historically.


2. Emma

3. Charlotte

Most popular nickname: Lottie / Charlie

Read more nicknames for Charlotte

4. Amelia

5. Sophia

6. Isabella

7. Ava

8. Mia

9. Evelyn

10. Luna

11. Harper

12. Camila

13. Sofia

14. Scarlett

15. Elizabeth

16. Eleanor

17. Emily

18. Chloe

19. Mila

20. Violet

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