Royal Baby Names For Boys Plus Meanings

May 9, 2024

Looking for Royal Baby Names For Boys And Their Meanings? We List Boys Royal Baby Names

If you are pregnant and looking for the best and most unusual royal baby names for boys, here are boys royal baby names and the meanings of each baby name.

These are mainly taken from the British Royal Family, both current and historic.

royal baby names for boys

I really love old fashioned and royal baby names, so spent a lot of time looking them up when I was pregnant.

Why Pick A Royal Name For Your Baby Boy?

Baby names tend to be cyclical, with rises and falls in popularity over time. For example, old fashioned baby names are currently popular and many make up the top 100 baby name lists, whereas a few years ago many people wouldn’t have chosen these types of name, and they weren’t popular.

However, royal names for babies – baby names picked for and used by members of the royal family – tend to be classic and timeless, as well as beautiful and graceful.

If you want a baby name from a specific royal period, or are just interested in really old names – then look at history books or record books from the time (the library is your best bet).

You can also look at the ONS (Office of National Statistic) Baby Name Data. You can look at the ONS baby name data on its website – this contains historial name data as well as more recent naming trends.

Royal Baby Names For Boys, And The Meanings

boys royal baby names

Here are current and historic Royal baby names for boys:



  • Meaning: A name with English origins, Albert means bright and noble


  • Meaning ‘defender of the people’ the name Alexander has Greek origins


  • Meaning: A name of English origin, Alfred means counsel or counsellor


Meaning: A name with Latin origins that means either great or to increase.


  • Meaning: A popular name among people fond of the nickname Charlie, Charles means free man


  • Meaning: Of English origins, Edgar means ‘rich spear’


  • Meaning: Wealthy guardian is the meaning of the name Edward


  • Meaning: Another name popular for a shortened version, Freddie, Frederick means peaceful ruler


  • Meaning: One with Greek origins, George means ‘farmer’


  • Meaning: ‘Ruler of the home’ is the meaning of this name, with German origins. Read our nicknames for Henry


  • Meaning: As this is a shortened version of Henry, the meaning is the same. Read nicknames for Harry


  • Meaning: a biblical name with Hebrew origins, James means ‘supplanter’ Read our nicknames for James


  • Meaning: Louis has French and means either loot bringer or famed warrior.


  • Meaning: This name has English origins and means ‘with guilded helmet.’

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