Nicknames For Lillian: 91 Best Lillian Nicknames

January 24, 2024

On The Lookout For Nicknames For Lillian? Read This Post For The Best Lillian Nicknames 

Read This Post For 91+ Of The Best Lillian Nicknames 

If the name Lillian is right at the top of your baby name list, read this post for 91 nicknames for Lillian, as well as middle names for Lillian, the Lillian meaning and how popular Lillian is as a name in the US.

Lillian is a beautiful, traditional name with a vintage pedigree – it’s a grandma name for girls that has a fresh, modern feel.

nicknames for Lillian

If you’re thinking of picking the name, you might be looking for the best Lillian nicknames.

So here’s our list of Lillian nicknames. These include short, sweet, cute and funny nicknames for Lillian.

What Does The Name Lillian Mean? The Lillian Meaning

Are you looking for the Lillian meaning?

If you are looking for the Lillian meaning, the name Lillian means either purity, or lily – for the flower.

How popular is Lillian? Is Lillian a rare name?

In the US baby name lists of how often names are registered to newborns each year, Lillian is currently the 50th most popular name for American girls.

Are You Looking For Middle Names For Lillian?

Middle names for Lillian

Are you looking for middle names for Lillian?

If you’re looking for a short middle name for Lily read our list of 150 one syllable girl names.

If you love names with a theme, try another old-fashioned name.

Famous People Called Lillian

Here are famous people called Lillian

Lillian Hellman, playwright

Lillian Disney, artist

If I Like Lillian, What Other Names Will I Like?

If you like the name Lillian, you might be thinking about other names you might like.

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91 Nick names For The Name Lillian

funny nickname for Lillian

Here are 50+ nicknames for the name Lillian to help you find your perfect Lillian nickname:

  1. Lily (read our nicknames for Lily)
  2. Lilly
  3. Lilie
  4. Lillie
  5. Lili
  6. Lilli
  7. Liley
  8. Lilley
  9. Lilian
  10. Lil
  11. Lill
  12. Lils
  13. Lills
  14. L
  15. Lilsy
  16. Lilso
  17. Lilia
  18. Lillia
  19. Lilith
  20. El
  21. Ell
  22. Elle
  23. Ele
  24. Elly
  25. Ely
  26. Ellie
  27. Elie
  28. Eley
  29. Elley
  30. Lee
  31. Lees
  32. LeeLee
  33. Li
  34. LiLi
  35. Lis
  36. Liz
  37. Lizzie
  38. Lia
  39. Lol
  40. Loll
  41. Loly
  42. Lolly
  43. Lu
  44. LuLu
  45. Il
  46. Ill
  47. Ily
  48. Illy
  49. Lilliana
  50. Lilyana
  51. Liliana
  52. Lillyana
  53. Lilianna
  54. Lillianna
  55. Lilyanna
  56. Lillyanna
  57. Lilia
  58. Lillia
  59. Lilibet
  60. Lillibet
  61. Lilah
  62. Lilliah
  63. Lyla
  64. Lilo
  65. Lillo
  66. Delilah

Cute Nicknames For Lillian And Funny Nicknames For Lillian

Here are cute and funny nicknames for Lillian

  1. Miss L
  2. Miss Lill
  3. Lolly
  4. Lollie
  5. Lilypad
  6. Lilster
  7. Lillster
  8. Lily Flower
  9. Lily Bear
  10. Lily Boo
  11. Lillington
  12. Lilykins
  13. Lello
  14. Lellow
  15. Lilac
  16. Liliana
  17. Lilliana
  18. Flora
  19. Floral
  20. Flower
  21. Petal
  22. Lily of the valley
  23. Silly
  24. Silly Lily
  25. Billy

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