Nicknames For Natalie: 121 Best Natalie Nicknames

January 24, 2024

Need Natalie Nicknames? Read This Post For The Best 121 Nicknames For Natalie

When it comes to picking baby names, if the name Natalie is top of your list, you might be looking for the best Natalie nicknames – so read our nicknames for Natalie, including cute and funny nicknames for Natalie, what Natalie means and perfect middle names for Natalie.

While the name itself is perfect in itself, you might also want a shorter version or a pet name to give your baby from time to time. So here’s our list to help you find your perfect nickname for Natalie.

nicknames for Natalie

What Does Natalie Mean? The Natalie Meaning

What does the name Natalie mean? Looking for the meaning of the name Natalie?

When it comes to the Natalie meaning, the name Natalie is a girl’s given name of French and Russian origin. The Natalie meaning is ‘birthday of the Lord.’

Natalie is the French version of the Russian name Natalia.

How Do You Pronounce Natalie?

How do you pronounce the name Natalie? In terms of the Natalie pronunciation, it is pronounced Nat-uh-lee.

How Popular Is The Name Natalie?

How popular is the name Natalie? Is Natalie a rare name?

In the US, as per the latest baby name lists consisting of names registered on birth certificates, Natalie is the 55th most popular American name for girls.

Famous People Named Natalie

middle names for Natalie

Are you looking for famous people named Natalie? Try one of these famous Natalie namesakes:

Natalie Imbruglia, singer

Natalie Cole, singer

Natalie Portman, actor

Need Middle Names For Natalie?

Are you looking for a middle name for Natalie? Try one of these names for a perfect middle name:

As Natalie is a longer, three syllable name, a short middle name would suit it well. Read our list of 150 one syllable girl names.

If you like floral names, try a flower baby name.

Try one of our gender-neutral names.

Look at our list of old lady names and rare names for girls

If I Like Natalie, What Other Names Will I Like?

If you like the name Natalie, you might be wondering about other names you might like.

If you like three syllable names, read our nicknames for nicknames for Gianna, nicknames for Madeline and nicknames for Madelyn and nicknames for Matilda.

If you like French names for girls, read our nicknames for Camilla or nicknames for Eloise.

If you like names that start with N, try nicknames for Naomi.

121 Nick names For The Name Natalie

funny nickname for Natalie

Here are 121+ nick names for the name Natalie

  1. Nat
  2. Nath
  3. Nate
  4. Nathe
  5. Nata
  6. Nats
  7. Naty
  8. Natie
  9. Naty
  10. Nati
  11. Natey
  12. Natty
  13. Nattie
  14. Natti
  15. Nattey
  16. Nathalie
  17. Natalia
  18. Natles
  19. Tal
  20. Tals
  21. Talia
  22. Taliah
  23. Taly
  24. Tally
  25. Tali
  26. Talli
  27. Taley
  28. Talley
  29. Talie
  30. Tallie
  31. N
  32. En
  33. Enn
  34. Ene
  35. Enne
  36. Eny
  37. Enny
  38. Ennie
  39. Enie
  40. At
  41. Ata
  42. Atta
  43. Atalie
  44. Lie
  45. Li
  46. LiLi
  47. Lee
  48. LeeLee
  49. Lei
  50. LeiLei
  51. Nata
  52. Natta
  53. Ali
  54. Alli
  55. Alie
  56. Allie
  57. Aly
  58. Ally
  59. Alle
  60. Ale
  61. Alley
  62. Aley
  63. Alia
  64. Aliah
  65. Lia
  66. Nal
  67. Nall
  68. Naly
  69. Nalie
  70. Naley
  71. Nali
  72. Nalli
  73. Nallie
  74. Nalley
  75. Nalia
  76. Nallia
  77. Nel
  78. Nell
  79. Nele
  80. Nelle
  81. Nela
  82. Nella
  83. Neles
  84. Nelles
  85. Tale
  86. Tales
  87. Leigh
  88. Lea
  89. Leah
  90. Nato
  91. Netie
  92. Nettie
  93. Lili
  94. Lilli
  95. Lily
  96. Lilly
  97. Lilie
  98. Lillie
  99. Nin
  100. Nini
  101. Nan
  102. Nana
  103. Til
  104. Tils
  105. Till
  106. Tills
  107. Tily
  108. Tilly
  109. Tilie
  110. Tillie
  111. Tiley
  112. Tilley

Funny Nicknames For Natalie

If you’re looking for something sweeter, read these cute and funny nicknames for Natalie:

  1. Miss N
  2. Ratty
  3. Nuts
  4. Nae
  5. NaeNae
  6. Natksie
  7. Natch
  8. Natya
  9. Nature
  10. Natal

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