Pregnancy week 15: inbetweeners

April 24, 2014

Pregnancy week 15…I’m comfortably wedged in that liminal space of pregnancy where nothing much is happening. It’s just between the ‘there’s actually a baby in there!’ excitement of the 12 week scan and then the major events after about 20 weeks leading up to the countdown (big movements, proper bump, giant flowery smocks and so on).
Pregnancy week 15 - 15 weeks pregnant bump shot and update with signs and symptoms. Week by week pregnancy update

I’m feeling lots better and slightly fatter, and I think I’ve felt the baby move, yet am not 100% sure enough to get too excited. It’s all a bit…normal.

But this is no bad thing, I realised last night. Shortly after I saw some lovely flowery Zara trousers, remembered it was pointless buying them, and then remembered that I’m going to have to push something the size of *that* out of *there*, again, in a very short space of time. Probably with no pain relief, exactly like last time, because I’m that lucky.

When I was pregnant with Eliza, her EDD was the end of January. So she was always due ‘next year’ and it all seemed very far away (with summer, autumn, and Christmas in the middle to distract me). This time, I’m due in October. This October. Which is right after the summer that’s waiting in the wings to start. Which seems both thrillingly and terrifyingly soon.

I can’t wait, I really can’t, but I’m more than happy to. I don’t want to rush a second of the time we have left as the three of us. Having an actual bump and feeling properly pregnant would make it all very, very real. And I’m perfectly OK with not thinking about that just yet.

Pregnancy week 15...what it's like being 15 weeks pregnant? Signs, symptoms and more

That was pregnancy week 15 – here’s my first trimester update,  and an update at 14 weeks pregnant.


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