Nicknames For Samuel & Sam: 35 Of The Best Samuel Nicknames

November 9, 2022

Looking For Nicknames For Samuel Or Nicknames For Sam? Read The Best Samuel Nicknames

Here Are 35+ Nicknames For Samuel and Nicknames For Sam

If you’re thinking of picking the name Samuel for your baby, read this post for 35 nicknames for Samuel and Sam, the meaning of the name Samuel and how popular Samuel and Sam are.

nicknames for Samuel and Sam

What Does The Name Samuel Mean? The Samuel Name Meaning

If you’re looking for the Samuel meaning:

The name Samuel is a biblical name from the Old Testament, and is a Hebrew word meaning ‘God has heard’ or ‘name of God.’

If you’re looking for a biblical name for your baby, try Noah, Jacob, Benjamin or Elijah.

What Can Sam Be Short For?

If you’re looking to use the name Sam:

It can be a nickname for Samuel, Samson or Samir among others.

How Popular Is The Name Samuel? How Popular Is Sam?

How popular are Samuel and Sam?

In the US, Samuel is the 23rd most popular name for boys in America.

Sam is the 657th most popular boy’s name in the US.

In the latest UK top 100 baby name list, Samuel was the 56th most popular name for boys, with 1123 babies registered with the name.

Sam as a stand-alone name was the 293rd most popular name, with 161 babies registered with the name.

Middle Names For Samuel or Sam

nicknames for Samuel and Sam

If you’re looking for middle names for the Samuel or a middle name for Sam:

Read this list of one syllable baby names for boys. Samuel is a three syllable name so a short middle name would suit.

You could also read our nicknames for Benjamin, nicknames for Oliver or try an old-fashioned baby names or royal baby name.

Nick names For Samuel And Sam Nicknames

Here are Samuel nicknames and nicknames for Sam:

nicknames for Samuel, funny Samuel nicknames for Sam
  1. Sam
  2. Sammy
  3. Sammi
  4. Sami
  5. Samy
  6. Same
  7. Sammie
  8. Samie
  9. Samson
  10. Sammo
  11. Samo
  12. Mas
  13. Maz
  14. Sas
  15. Sass
  16. Saz
  17. Sazz
  18. Sassy
  19. Sazzy
  20. Sazi
  21. Sasi
  22. Ami
  23. Amy
  24. Ammy
  25. Ammi
  26. Muel
  27. Samu
  28. Sammu

Funny Nicknames For Samuel And Sam

Here are funny nicknames for Samuel and Sam:

  1. Mr Sam
  2. Mr S
  3. Samba
  4. Jam
  5. Samwell
  6. Samford
  7. Samwise

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