Nicknames for Jacob: 41+ Of The Best Jacob Nicknames

June 20, 2022

Looking For Nicknames For Jacob? Read This List Of 41 Of The Best Jacob Nicknames

Thinking About Picking Jacob As A Baby Name? Here Are The Best Jacob Nicknames

Do you love the name Jacob and are thinking of picking it as a name for your baby? If so, you might be looking for nicknames for Jacob so read this post for the best nicknames for Jacob.

Read this list to find your favourite Jacob nickname, as well as the Jacob meaning and middle names for Jacob.

Nicknames for Jacob - best Jacob nicknames

The name Jacob is a classic, Biblical baby name. It also has a lot of nickname potential!

As well as the best Jacob nicknames, we also look at the Jacob name meaning, how popular it is and where it appears on the baby name lists.

What Is The Jacob Name Meaning? What Does The Name Jacob Mean?

If you’re looking for the Jacob name meaning:

The name Jacob is a biblical baby name that is taken from the Old Testament.

The Jacob meaning has Hebrew roots meaning to follow, and the Jacob meaning is also means (which means someone who takes the place of another).

How Popular Is Jacob As A Baby Name?

How popular in the name Jacob? Is Jacob a rare name?

In the US, Jacob is the 32nd most popular name for American-born boys.

Jacob is the 17th most popular name for boys in the UK, with 2319 boys registered with the name.

If you want a similar-sounding name, Jack is the 13th most popular name for boys in the UK, with 2847 boys registered with the name in the last full year.

Looking For J Names For Boys?

Jacob meaning - meaning of the name Jacob

If you like J names for boys:

Read our nicknames for Jack Joshua, Joseph, Josiah and nicknames for James. Or you could read our George nicknames (if you’d like a similar sound).

Famous People Named Jacob

Looking for famous people named Jacob? Try one of these:

Jacob Black, Twilight character

Jacob Bertrand, actor

Jacob “Jake” Gyllenhaal, actor

Need Middle Names For Jacob?

If you are looking for middle names for Jacob:

Check out our list of 150 one syllable boy names or unusual boy names.

Or if you want something different, pick a gender-neutral name.

41+ Nick names For The Name Jacob

If you’re looking for nicknames for Jacob, read this list:

Jacob meaning - funny nicknames for Jacob
  1. Jake
  2. Jack
  3. Jac
  4. Jak
  5. Jakey
  6. Jakob
  7. Jacobi
  8. Jacoby
  9. Jacky
  10. Jackie
  11. J
  12. Jay
  13. JayJay
  14. Jae
  15. JJ
  16. Jacks
  17. Jackio
  18. Jacko
  19. Jax
  20. Jaxson
  21. Jaej
  22. Jacy
  23. Ob
  24. Bob
  25. Ace
  26. Cobby
  27. Cub
  28. Cubby
  29. Kub
  30. Kubby
  31. Cobe
  32. Cobey
  33. Cobi
  34. Jo
  35. Joe
  36. Joey
  37. Jab

Funny Nicknames For Jacob

If you’re looking for funny nicknames for Jacob, try one of these to find your perfect Jacob nickname:

  1. Mr J
  2. J-Dog
  3. J-Man
  4. J Bear
  5. Jazz
  6. Ace Jace

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