Nicknames For Timothy: 41 Of The Best Timothy Nicknames

May 12, 2023

Searching For Nicknames For Timothy? Read 41 Of The Best Timothy Nicknames

Want To Pick Timothy As A Baby Name? Here Are 41 Of The Best Timothy Nicknames

If you love the name Timothy and are thinking of picking it as a name for your baby, you might be looking for nicknames for Timothy.

Read this post for 41 Timothy nick names and to find your perfect nickname for Timothy along with the Timothy meaning and middle names for Timothy.

Nicknames for Timothy - best Timothy nicknames

Timothy is a classic baby name for boys with lots of nickname potential.

As well as the best Timothy nicknames, we also look at what the name Timothy means, how popular it is and where Timothy appears on top baby name lists in the US and the UK.

What Does The Name Timothy Mean? The Timothy Name Meaning

What does the name Timothy mean? What’s the Timothy meaning?

Timothy is boy’s name of Greek origin. The Timothy meaning is honouring God.

Timothy is also a biblical name, and Timothy was a saint.

As a biblical name, there are versions of the name Timothy in many different languages, including Timofei, Timotey, Timoteo, Timotheus and Timothée

How Popular Is Timothy As A Baby Name?

Best funny nickname for Timothy - funny Timothy nicknames

How popular is the name Timothy? Is Timothy a rare name?

In the US, Timothy is the 203rd most popular name for boys in America.

Timothy is the 389th most popular name for boys in the UK.

Famous People Named Timothy

Looking for famous people named Timothy? Try one of these famous Timothy namesakes:

Timothy Dalton, actor

Tim Burton, director

Tim Curry, actor

Tim Peake, astronaut

Timothy Spall, actor

Need Middle Names For Timothy?

Are you looking for middle names for Timothy?

Read our list of 150 one syllable boy names or unusual boy names.

Or if you want something different, pick a gender-neutral name.

41+ Nick names For The Name Timothy

nicknames for Timothy

Here are nicknames for the name Timothy to help you find your perfect Timothy nickname:

  1. Tim
  2. Timo
  3. Timmo
  4. Timmy
  5. Timy
  6. Timmi
  7. Timi
  8. TimTim
  9. Timmie
  10. Timie
  11. Timas
  12. Timos
  13. Timbo
  14. Timon
  15. Timot
  16. Moth
  17. Mothy
  18. T
  19. Tee
  20. TT
  21. Ti
  22. Ti
  23. Tei
  24. Tea
  25. Timer
  26. Timbit
  27. Timed
  28. Timofei
  29. Tymish
  30. Timotej
  31. Timotey
  32. Timoteo
  33. Timotheus
  34. Tymoteusz
  35. Timothée

Cute And Funny Nicknames For Timothy

Here are cute and funny nicknames for Timothy:

  1. Mr T
  2. Tiny Tim
  3. T Bone
  4. Tin
  5. Tinny
  6. TimTam
  7. Iced T
  8. Ice T

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