Nicknames For Charles: 41 Of The Best Charles Nicknames

June 8, 2023

Searching For Nicknames For Charles? Read Our List Of The Best Charles Nicknames

Are You Choosing Charles As A Baby Name? Here Are 41+ Of The Best Charles Nicknames

If you are thinking of picking Charles as a name for your baby, and are looking for nicknames for Charles, read this post for the best Charles nicknames and the Charles meaning.

Nicknames for Charles - best Charles nicknames

The name of the current King of England, Charles is a classic baby boy’s name that transcends trends and is enduringly popular.

As well as being a royal baby name, Charles also has a lot of nickname potential.

As well as the best Charles nicknames, we also look at the Charles name meaning, how popular it is, where Charles appears on the baby name lists. the Charles meaning and middle names for Charles.

Charles Or Charlie As A Name?

Some people opt for Charles as a full name, potentially with Charlie as a nickname, others go for Charlie – traditionally considered a nickname or Charles – as a stand-alone name.

Which you pick depends on if you want a ‘full’ name on the birth certificate, or are happy with the short version.

You can also read our nicknames for Charlie.

Famous People Named Charles

Funny nickname for Charles - Charles nickname

Looking for famous people named Charles? Try one of these famous Charles namesakes:

King Charles, King of England

Charles Xavier, Professor X and X Man

Charles Leclerc, F1 Driver

What Is The Charles Name Meaning? What Does The Name Charles Mean?

Looking for the Charles name meaning?

The name Charles has Old English, French and Germanic origins. The Charles meaning is ‘free man.’

Charles is also a royal baby name, and is the name of the current King Of England, King Charles, previously known as Prince Charles, the Prince Of Wales.

If you want a feminine version of the name Charles, try Charlotte.

How Popular Is Charles As A Baby Name?

How popular is the name Charles? Is Charles a rare name?

Charles is the 50th most popular name for US boys.

Charles as a full name was less popular in the UK, and was the 91st most popular name for boys, with 639 registered with the name.

Need Middle Names For Charlie or Charles?

If you are looking for middle names for Charles:

Read our long list of 150 one syllable boy names or unusual boy names.

If you want something slightly different, pick a gender-neutral name.

Looking For Royal Baby Names?

If you love regally-inspired baby names:

Read our list of royal baby names,

Or try nicknames for Harry, nicknames for Henry or nicknames for William or nicknames for Edward.

41+ Nick names For The Name Charles

If you’re looking for nicknames for Charles, read this list to find your perfect Charles nickname:

Charles meaning - meaning of the name Charles
  1. Charlie
  2. Charl
  3. Carl
  4. Karl
  5. Charly
  6. Chas
  7. Chaz
  8. Chuck
  9. Charlo
  10. Carlo
  11. Chip
  12. Chase
  13. C
  14. Cee
  15. CeeCee
  16. Chee
  17. Cal
  18. Al
  19. Cals
  20. Als
  21. Arles
  22. Arlo
  23. Arlio
  24. Lee
  25. LeeLee
  26. Charleson
  27. Charlton
  28. Chi
  29. Charli
  30. Charls
  31. Carlos
  32. Charlos
  33. Cash

Funny Nicknames For Charles

If you’re looking for funny nicknames for Charles, try one of these funny Charles nicknames

  1. Mr C
  2. C-Dog
  3. Prince Charles
  4. Prince
  5. Kinf Charles
  6. King
  7. Kale
  8. Chucky
  9. Charmeleon
  10. Charizard

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