Nicknames For Edward: 51 Of The Best Edward Nicknames

June 20, 2022

Looking For Nicknames For Edward? Make Sure You Read This List Of 51 Of The Best Edward Nicknames

Want To Pick Edward As A Baby Name? Here Are The Best Edward Nicknames

If you love the name Edward and are thinking of picking it as a name for your baby, you might be looking for nicknames for Edward. Read this post for the best Edward nicknames, the Edward meaning and middle names for Edward.

Nicknames for Edward - the best Edward nicknames including Ed, Ted and Teddy

The name Edward is a classic baby boy’s name that transcends trends and is enduringly popular.

As well as being a royal baby name, it also has a lot of nickname potential! As well as the best Edward nicknames, we also look at the Edward name meaning, how popular it is and where it appears on the baby name lists.

What Is The Edward Name Meaning? What Does The Name Edward Mean?

If you’re looking for the Edward name meaning:

Edward is a traditionally English given name, and the Edward meaning comes from the Old English words ‘ead’ which means wealth, fortune or prosperous, combined with the Old English word ‘wea’, meaning protector or guardian.

The Edward meaning is ‘wealthy guardian.’

Edward is also a royal baby name, as the name of several English kings and the name of Prince Edward, the current Earl Of Wessex.

How Popular Is Edward As A Baby Name?

nicknames for Edward

How popular is Edward? Is Edward a rare name?

In the US, Edward is the 216th most popular name for boys in America.

Edward is the 29th most popular boys name in the UK, with 1751 boys given that name in the last fully recorded year for names.

Famous People Named Edward

Looking for famous people named Edward? Try one of these:

Edward Cullen, Twilight character

Eddie Redmayne, actor

Edward Norton, actor

Eddie Murphy, actor

Need Middle Names For Edward?

If you are looking for middle names for Edward:

Read our long list of 150 one syllable boy names or unusual boy names.

Or if you want something different, pick a gender-neutral name.

Love Royal Baby Names?

If you love regally-inspired baby names:

Read our list of royal baby names, or nicknames for Harry, nicknames for Henry or nicknames for William.

41+ Nick names For The Name Edward

Nicknames for Edward best Edward nicknames Ted

If you’re looking for nicknames for Edward, read this list to find your perfect Edward nickname:

  1. Ed
  2. Eddy
  3. Eddie
  4. Edy
  5. Edie
  6. Edo
  7. Eddo
  8. Edsy
  9. Edio
  10. Ted
  11. Tedd
  12. Teddy
  13. Teddie
  14. Tedward
  15. Ned
  16. Neddy
  17. Neddie
  18. Nedward
  19. Neds
  20. Ward
  21. Wards
  22. Wardie
  23. Wardles
  24. Edwin
  25. Edwardo
  26. Edwardio
  27. Eduardo
  28. Edwin
  29. E
  30. Ee
  31. Eez
  32. Edwards
  33. Edwardson
  34. Bear
  35. Beary
  36. Beario
  37. Wood
  38. Woodie
  39. Woody
  40. Woods
  41. Woodsy

Funny Nicknames For Edward

If you’re looking for funny nicknames for Edward, try one of these:

  1. Bedward (at night!)
  2. E-Man
  3. ET
  4. Eddie Bear
  5. Teddy Bear
  6. Woodson
  7. Big Ted
  8. Little Ted
  9. Mr Ed
  10. Mr Ted

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