Nicknames For Hannah: 61 Of The Best Hannah Nicknames

June 8, 2023

Hunting For Nicknames For Hannah? Read This Post For The Best Hannah Nicknames

If You Love The Name Hannah, Read This Post For 61+ Of The Best Hannah Nicknames

If you’re picking the name Hannah for your baby girl, you might be looking for the best nicknames for Hannah and the Hannah meaning.

While the name Hannah is classic and strong, you might also want a pet name to give your baby (I know I did!).

So here’s our list to help you find your perfect Hannah nickname, including cute and funny nicknames for Hannah.

Nicknames for Hannah - best Hannah nicknames

Wondering what does the name Hannah mean? We also look at the Hannah meaning, how popular the name Hannah is, middle names for Hannah and famous people named Hannah.

What Does The Name Hannah Mean? The Hannah Meaning

Looking for the Hannah name meaning?

Hannah is a female name that came from the Hebrew name Channah. This came from the Hebrew word channan, which means grace.

So the name Hannah is of Hebrew origins. The Hannah meaning is grace.

A biblical name from the Old Testament, Hannah is the mother of Samuel.

How Popular Is Hannah As A Name?

Hannah meaning - meaning of the name Hannah

How popular is the name Hannah?

And is Hannah a rare name?

In the US, Hannah is now the 47th most popular American name for girls.

In terms of how popular Hannah is as a name in the UK, Hannah is currently the 89th most popular name for girls.

Looking For Middle Names For Hannah?

Looking for a middle name for Hannah?

If you like floral names, try a flower baby name..

Look at our list of old lady names and rare names for girls or 150 one syllable girl names.

Try one of our gender-neutral names.

Famous People Named Hannah?

Looking for famous people named Hannah?

Try one of these famous Hannah namesakes:

Hannah Montana, TV character played by Miley Cyrus

Hannah Spearritt, singer and actor

Hannah Murray, actor

Hannah, character in the series Girls

61 Nick names For The Name Hannah:

funny nickname for Hannah - funny Hannah nickname

Here are 61+ nick names for the name Hannah to help you find your perfect Hannah nickname:

  1. Han
  2. Hanah
  3. Hana
  4. Hanna
  5. H
  6. Aitch
  7. Hane
  8. Hannie
  9. Hany
  10. Hani
  11. Hanie
  12. Hanny
  13. Hanni
  14. Haney
  15. Hanney
  16. H
  17. Aitch
  18. Nan
  19. Nann
  20. Nana
  21. Nanna
  22. Nanah
  23. Nannah
  24. Nannie
  25. Nanie
  26. Hannabel
  27. Hannabelle
  28. An
  29. Ann
  30. Ane
  31. Anne
  32. Anna
  33. Anya
  34. Chana
  35. Hen
  36. Henny
  37. Ni
  38. NiNi
  39. Nie
  40. NieNie
  41. Grace
  42. Gracie
  43. Nah
  44. Hanners
  45. Hanster
  46. Ham
  47. Hammy
  48. Hammie
  49. Hammi
  50. Ha
  51. HaHa
  52. Har
  53. Hary
  54. Harry

Cute And Funny Nicknames For Hannah:

Here are cute and funny nicknames for Hannah to help you find your perfect Hannah nickname:

  1. Miss H
  2. Handle
  3. Hannah Spanner
  4. Han Solo
  5. Nah
  6. Hannah Bear
  7. Hannister
  8. HanHan

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