Second Trimester Symptoms & Some Weird 2nd Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms

November 9, 2011

Want To Know About Second Trimester Symptoms During Pregnancy?

What are all the unusual second trimester symptoms that no-one ever tells you about during pregnancy?

As I’m now in the third trimester, I thought I’d round-up all the 2nd trimester symptoms I’ve been experiencing for the past few months (here’s my unusual pregnancy symptoms from the first trimester).

Here’s my second trimester baby bump!

Weekly baby bump - 18 week pregnancy bump - second trimester pregnancy symptoms

What’s It Like Being In The 2nd Trimester?

While being in the second trimester does bring you relief from some of the more weird pregnancy symptoms of the first trimester, that’s not to say there are no pregnancy symptoms in the second trimester!

These are some of the less obvious pregnancy symptoms in the 2nd trimester, ones I’d now read all about. These are the weird pregnancy symptoms that come surprisingly out of left-field.

Here Are Five Unusual Second Trimester Symptoms

Here are my top five weird second trimester symptoms, and all my pregnancy symptoms in the second trimester:

Being very squeamish and queasy.

Although my morning sickness has long since stopped, I now can’t watch anything even slightly gory without feeling sick. There’s the normal things that bring this on, like anything remotely medical on TV, however the the worst culprit at the moment is that awful ad with the glossy brown singing cow made of gravy. Bleugh

Weird Pregnancy Symptom – Clumsiness.

Being in the second trimester seems to make me really, really clumsy. Things seem to constantly drop out of my hand and I’m always knocking things over.

Just ask my husband, as yesterday I managed to knock an entire glass of Ribena all over our beige bedroom carpet, without even trying. It’s now banned from the bedroom. As I suspect I will be if I do that again

Having an irritatingly dry nose 

Does everyone have this? During the second trimester of pregnancy my nose is so dry and really stuffy! I’m constantly blowing it and it’s always stuffy and blocked up. I feel very congested.

Lack of sleep, especially when I’m really tired.

Not being able to sleep when you’re pregnant is so annoying isn’t it? Especially when you’re exhausted and just want to rest. But no, now I wake up throughout the night and then stay awake for at least an hour. About three times a night. I’m also waking up freakishly early too.

Am I right in thinking this will only get worse from now on? Please don’t tell me how bad it will be when I have a newborn!

And finally, unexplained bleeding.

Fingers crossed this is consigned purely to being an unusual pregnancy symptom of the second trimester ONLY.

To be fair to the second trimester, there have been none of the nigglingly annoying early symptoms such as constantly feeling dizzy; it’s been great and I’m loving pregnancy. Plus, to balance anything else out I’m now feeling the baby kick all the time, which is the most amazing thing ever.

I’m now wondering what the last three months will bring, although I’m suspecting my next list will include the entry ‘mourning the sad loss of my lovely perfect belly button.’

Unusual pregnancy symptoms in the second trimester - what were your pregnancy symptoms in the second trimester? Great list, from blocked noses to THAT annoying thing - make sure you read if you are pregnant or TTC!

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  • Mummy’s Little Monkey (@Jax2000)

    November 9, 2011 at 10:22 pm

    Ah, the dry nose – I had the driest throat too and would wake in the night with an awful tickly cough. I went from having an iron stomach – I used to love watching gory medical programmes – to totally squeamish as well. I’m still a lot more squeamish than I used to be and my youngest is 14 months! Wait till you start breastfeeding (if you do decide to BF) – the thirst that you feel is unbelievable!!! Another thing they don’t warn you about… xx

    1. gillian

      November 10, 2011 at 2:03 pm

      I have the dry tickly cough too! It’s very annoying, but sure it’s worse for everyone else around me. Thanks for the breastfeeding / water tip – I’m definately planning on trying it. I remember being really, really thirsty in the first trimester too. It’s really funny what odd symptoms you don’t expect to get! xx

  • Mammasaurus

    November 16, 2011 at 1:05 am

    Ah I remember those days *sighs reminiscing* I always got really emotional watching anything baby related that wouldn’t usually bother me. The EastEnders plot line with Archie Mitchell made me cry so many times!

    1. gillian

      November 16, 2011 at 10:30 pm

      Oh yes, the unprompted crying! Adverts, X Factor, anything really 🙂 Thanks for the comment! Did you have the same sort of symptoms in all your pregnancies or were they pretty different? xx

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